5 Star Review for Home (Home #1) by Donna McIntosh #MM #ScienceFiction

home-600x956Title: Home (Home #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Donna McIntosh (Wayward Ink Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: March 25, 2016 – 331 pgs


LAPD Detective Sean Hennessey has one person he’s repeatedly tried to arrest and bring to justice: his nemesis, Mitchell Yates.

Yates has been in and out of trouble for years, always skating around the edges of LA’s underbelly; however, Sean can never pin anything on him.

But one night all of that changes.

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead of arresting Yates, Sean is rescued by him and taken to Yates’ home—a satellite high above Earth. There, Sean discovers a world he thought possible only in Science Fiction.

Everything he believed he knew about Yates is turned upside down, and Sean must make a decision: to remain with the LAPD or join Yates and work toward intergalactic peace.

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FiveStarsThis book turned out to be so much better then I figured that it would be by the description of the book. It is full of adventure, danger, jealousy, love, acceptance, and trust.

Sean was bound and determined that Yates aka Yana was dirty and was up to no good but that could not have been further from the truth. Once Sean finds out the truth about Yana and finally gets to know who he is he finally gives in to the feelings he has been having towards him even when he thought that he was bad.

Through the time that Yana and Sean get to know more about one another their bond grows and grows. They face all the bad together and enjoy all of the good. With every turn of event that comes their way, they grow stronger and closer until they can not imagine their lives without each other. Then their little family grows just a little more when Mickey (Seans nephew) joins them on home and resides that he wants to follow In their foot steps as a peace keeper. These three men will face everything together and will come out on the winning side together because they have one another.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was so action packed that there was not a full minute through the whole course of the book. I think many more will enjoy reading it also.



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