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CoverTitle: Forever Is Now (Shooting Stars #1)
Author Name & Publisher: K. Vale (Liquid Silver Books)
Publication Date & Length: September 8, 2013 – 154 pgs


When Alex confronts ex-lover Chance, the sparks fly. But nine years has done nothing to lessen the intensity of the chemistry between them.

If you love someone, set him free. If he steals something of yours, hunt him down and make him sorry.

Alex Bremen is over Chance Ralan. Ever since his high school boyfriend ditched him nine years ago, Alex has barely thought of Chance at all. Sure, Alex attended a concert or two when his ex’s band, Armageddon Showdown, was in the area, but that was more curiosity than anything else. Who wouldn’t want to see firsthand how his once clean-cut boyfriend transformed into a pierced and tattooed heavy metal god?

But when Chance has the nerve to record a love song Alex wrote for him years ago, Alex crosses the country to confront him. Revenge becomes a dish best served sizzling hot. The two men lock horns, but find the chemistry between them has only intensified with time, and occasionally love needs to do some growing up before it can be done right.

Content Notes: Hot, GLBT, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse

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A book that involves a sexy rock star is always awesome but you throw in the fact that he is hiding his true self from everyone and has drama all around him because of it and you definitely have a hit on your hands.

If I had to describe this book I would say it is a book about the one that ran away because he was scared that he could not have the one that he loved and a career as a rock star. Chance is so scared that coming out will lose him the only other Think that meant as much to him as Alex did…. His career as a rock star. So he chooses to run away from Alex as fast as he can in order to reach the levels in his career that he has always craved. In doing so he has denied who he truely is and now knows years later that even though he has reached fame status he is not truly happy and has given up the one person he could have been happy with.

Will love get a second chance when Alex seeks out Chance to confront him for using and recording a song that Alex wrote for Chance when they were teenagers or is their too much water under the bridge to overcome the past hurt and heartache?

I really enjoyed this book. It is full of drama and was put together beautifully. Cannot wait to read the next book in the series and hope to see these two men in it. K. Vale did an amazing job on this book and I hope others will enjoy reading it as much as I did.



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K. Vale is a pseudonym/pen name for Goodreads author Kimber Vale for her M/M genre books.

Kimber Vale is an avid reader, writer and gardener. She worked as an RN once upon a time, but is currently a stay-at-home mom to three busy hobbits. She is fortunate to have an understanding husband who never refuses to help with her “writing research.” He answers questions like, “What do you think eyeballs taste like?” and, “Does the term ‘Cock-Rockets’ sound more like a joke or an explosively good time?” with equal consideration and without batting an eye.

Kimber enjoys crafting in a number of genres, including both gay (under K. Vale) and straight erotic romance, horror, bizarro, and sci/fi. Dark themes frequently creep their way into her stories, but she loves a good romance and is sure to give her MCs their much-deserved happily-ever-after once she is done abusing them

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