5 Star Review for Finding Shawn (Dangerous Lives of High School Athletes #1) by Phil Marcello #MM #YA

FindingShawn_600x956Title: Finding Shawn (Dangerous Lives of High School Athletes #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Phil Marcello (Wayward Ink Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: March 10, 2016 – 178 pgs



Shawn and Alex have been friends since first grade.

Alex, the rock star quarterback, appears to be basking in the limelight of his success and his new romance with Pam. But appearances can be deceiving.

Shawn is the key man in the football team’s solid defense. He’s also the senior class’ most eligible bachelor. But Shawn has no time to get involved with a girl—at least, that’s what he tells his friends.

In reality, he does have a love interest… Tony Valito.

Side-by-side, the relationships between the two couples blossom. One in the open. The other in secret. That is, until Shawn’s world erupts when the rumor that he’s gay gathers momentum.

In trying to find Shawn, perhaps his friends will end up finding themselves. And everyone will discover how dangerous are the lives of high school athletes.

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FiveStarsThis book is as nothing like I expected it to be but so much more.

Bullying is such a huge problem in our world today and then you have the ones that are bullied. In the case of this book it was Tony. Tony is gay and he is not an athlete so in the bullies opinions he is the easy target. It is aweful the things that Peter and Dan do to him but what is worse is the number of people who stand around and watch and do nothing. I think that is the catalyst of the escalating problem in this story.

Shawn is also a main character in this book and he has his owe secrets to hide but not because he is ashamed of who he is but because he knows how his father will react. And reality is that he does react badly to finding out his son is gay but realizes almost immediately that he reacted the wrong way when Shawn disappears.

This is where the real troubles begin. Not only for Tony but Shawn. Their lives are in danger but the question is will they be found in time or will it be too late.

Phil Macello did an excellent job at writing this book and making it very believable. Phil was able to instill the emotions of not only the situation but also of the characters, not just the main characters either but each character in the book. This was a very sad but touching story and very well written at the same time. I cannot wait for book two to come out. This was an amazing read and I hope many more will read it and feel the same as I do.



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