5 Star Review for Egg Whites and Blue (Yolks on You #2) by Jessica Payseur #MM #Mystery @Jessica_Payseur

CoverTitle: Egg Whites and Blue (Yolks on You #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Jessica Payseur (JMS Books LLC)
Publication Date & Length: July 2, 2016 – 201 pgs


Sequel to Shell Shocked

Kiko and Dom are still getting used to settling in with each other, a task made difficult by their conflicting schedules and habits. With Mount Angus’ Knee High 4th of July Festival approaching, they anticipate spending some quality time together again, if only for a weekend.

But the arrival of Kiko’s ex, a well-known chef who seems to be taking interest in him again after a decade, throws up unnecessary tensions. And when Dom stumbles across a body with a pie server in its back, they find themselves drawn into another small-town mystery where the dark secrets of family recipes and a generous serving of danger could very well get them killed.

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Another good book in this series. Jessica Payseur definitely has a winning series on her hands. This book contains mystery, murder, food poisoning, a crazy ex, and some insecurities. But it also contains love and excitement.

Once again Kiko and Dom are trying to figure out who is behind the murder of one of their fellow townies and what the motive is and who is responsible for the food poisoning.

These two men are so funny. They have a unique way about them that makes them such an amazing couple. And the fact that Dom is insecure about Kikos ex makes it that more realistic.

I love how no matter what these two men have each other’s back for better or worse.

Jessica made this book exciting and left me wondering who was behind everything till the very end.

Another great read and cannot wait to read more in the series.



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