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CoverTitle: Double Takes (Shooting Stars #2)
Author Name & Publisher: K. Vale (Liquid Silver Books)
Publication Date & Length: April 20, 2014 – 174 pgs


Sex, drugs, rock and roll … and now reality TV! As the lead singer in a nineties-era band, Giovanni Savale is used to seeing his name in the headlines, but now, as the star of a new reality TV show, his life is on display for all to see. From the custody battle for his son to a “made for TV” romance to the possibility of a future with the sexy owner of the local antique store, Giovanni’s life has just gotten complicated in ways he had never imagined. You’ll love Double Takes, the hot new romance from author K. Vale.

Ah, the life of a rock star. Everyone thinks it’s nothing but sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Not for Giovanni Savale.

For the lead singer of Three Deaf Mice, a band that reached its pinnacle in the late nineties, it’s nothing but an ugly divorce with a custody battle, money trouble, and now the nightmare exposure of starring in a reality television show. When his producer decides to cash in on an infamous interview Gio did years ago, and give the self-confessed bisexual rocker an onscreen boyfriend, things really hit the fan. Gio is certain his sexual experimentation back in his drug-abusing days meant nothing — after all he’s been married for nine years, clean and sober for nearly as long, and he has a son. And Gio is not remotely attracted to Kyrie, the funny, flamboyant actor they choose for his love interest. Of course, Lance Garrett, the mysterious and sexy owner of the local antique shop, Double Takes, is a whole different story. The guy has Gio planning out a future he never imagined. With the threat of losing all custody of his ten-year-old son, ghosts from the past returning for revenge, and the cameras rolling, can Gio keep his head above water and his heart from getting broken?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GLBT, Music, Musicians, Contemporary

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Book one in this series was amazing but this blew it off the charts. I can only imagine what book three will be like.

This in my opinion is a book about starting your life over again after feeling like you have lost it all. Gio is going through a nasty divorce and has been a recovering addict for many years. His fear is losing his son to his ex wife and is doing what it takes to not let her win full custody of him even going so far as being on a reality show.

In many ways this reality show is what opened up Gio’s eyes and brought Lance into his life.

Lance has his own demons from his past that catches up with him. If Gio does not find Lance quickly, it may be to late.

These two men could not be more perfect for one another. They made such an amazing couple and had such chemistry from the first meeting. They help each other overcome their fears and stand beside one another through the thick of things.

K. Vale definitely had another amazing book on their hands. Loved every minute of this book. Can’t wait to read book three.



Forever Is Now (Book One)

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Double Takes (Book Two)

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K. Vale is a pseudonym/pen name for Goodreads author Kimber Vale for her M/M genre books.

Kimber Vale is an avid reader, writer and gardener. She worked as an RN once upon a time, but is currently a stay-at-home mom to three busy hobbits. She is fortunate to have an understanding husband who never refuses to help with her “writing research.” He answers questions like, “What do you think eyeballs taste like?” and, “Does the term ‘Cock-Rockets’ sound more like a joke or an explosively good time?” with equal consideration and without batting an eye.

Kimber enjoys crafting in a number of genres, including both gay (under K. Vale) and straight erotic romance, horror, bizarro, and sci/fi. Dark themes frequently creep their way into her stories, but she loves a good romance and is sure to give her MCs their much-deserved happily-ever-after once she is done abusing them

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