5 Star Review for Bullheaded by Catt Ford #MM #Romance

CoverTitle: Bullheaded
Author Name & Publisher: Catt Ford (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 15, 2013 – 340 pgs


Aging bull rider Cody Grainger needs bullfighter Johnny Arrow for more than just protection in the ring. Their bond of trust goes beyond the professional and into love, but while their relationship holds up to the need for discretion imposed by their sport and repeatedly having to watch each other put themselves in the way of dangerous animals, other barriers still tear them apart.

For one thing, Cody is ten years older than Johnny. But instead of contemplating retirement, he focuses on winning the championship, desperate to stay on top. Johnny is only beginning to find the professional recognition he craves. When frustration leads Johnny to walk away, Cody’s season slumps. While they’re apart, they both slowly realize they are meant to be together. But machismo abounds in the sport of bull riding, and their pride might be an obstacle too big for love to overcome.

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Bullheaded is a perfect name for this book. Cody is definitely the most bullheaded character I have read about in a very long time.

Cody is a 32 year old bull rider who is having the best year when the book begins. He is well on his way for back to back win in points for the bull riding championship in Las Vegas.

Johnny is a 23 year old bull fighter who takes his job very seriously. He loves the trill of looking the Bulls in their eyes and being able to read them. He also loves being able to step in and save bull riders from the bull. Last but not least he loves Cody. But I guess the question is, Is love enough?

When I was reading this book I kept thinking to myself that Cody needed to get over himself. I felt like Cody thought everything and everyone should revolve around him and his needs and wants. He was actually a condescending jerk for the most part. He liked being the center of attention and even when teaching younger riders in the week long camp, I felt like he tried to make everything about him. If anyone else tried to lend the younger riders advice he was their to cut them off and make it out that it was his advice and suggestions. He really irked me and make me want to grad him out of the book and shake him a couple of times and tell him to get over himself.

I have to say that I was really proud of Johnny when he got fed up and said enough was enough. He decided to stand up for himself and tell Cody that he was leaving because his aspirations were just as important As Codys were. I was really proud of him. It was not easy for him to do because Cody was his heart but in my opinion he did the right thing because if not he would have been Codys doormat otherwise and he was so much more then that.

I truly enjoyed reading this story. I was able to picture all the rodeo scenes as if I was actually there watching the bull riders ride and the bull fighters protect the riders. There was amazing detail in this book and I especially enjoyed being able to see the characters grow into better men.

Such an amazing book. Great job on it Catt Ford



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Catt Ford lives in front of the computer monitor, in another world where her imaginary gay friends obey her every command.

She likes cats, chocolate, swing dancing, sleeping, Monty Python, Aussie friends, being silly, spinning other realities with words, and sea glass. She dislikes caterpillars, cigarette smoke, and rude people who think the F-word (as in faggot, or bundle of sticks) is acceptable.

A frustrated perfectionist, she comforts herself with the legend about the weavers of Persian rugs always including one mistake so as not to anger the gods, although she has no need to include a mistake on purpose. One always slips through. Writing fiction has filled a need for clever conversations, only possible when one is in control of both sides, and erotic romances, where everything for the most part turns out happily ever after.


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