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Title: Breakfire’s Glass (The Zhakieve Chronicles #2)
Author Name & Publisher: A.M. Valenza (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: March 16, 2016


Finally back in Zhakieva with her demon-siblings in tow, Darkrow Katerini’s wants only to spend the rest of Lonely Winter resting in the capital. Instead, however, the Blue Emperor sends her on an insane mission: climb the formidable Svarinard mountain range in the height of Lonely Winter and bring back the missing Darkrow of Zhakieva.

As if circumstances weren’t bad enough, Katerini is partnered with the Blue Emperor’s heir, the strange and infuriating Darkrow Nikolai, who seems more interested in spinning away his magic recklessly than the actual mission.

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Katerini’s not looking for love when she and Nikolai go on a quest. She is used to the remote wanderings of a Darkrow, and is more-suited to that than romance. Asexual, she is bewildered by what Nikolai wants from her, if he can’t have “that.”
This splendid fantasy adventure novel is layered with emotion, strangeness, struggle, and delight. Katerini’s demon brothers are fascinating. The Blue Emperor is gentle. Katerini’s quest, as the greatest hero of Zhakieva, is both epic and deeply personal.
I loved the magic wrought in this world. I loved the culture. I loved also the writing. Hard to believe it’s only Valenza’s second novel. I have not read the first—Breakfire’s Glass is a sequel—and the first is not necessary to compel the story here.
But I recommend it. It’ll probably be just as good.
Five Stars
~ C. E. Case

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A.M. Valenza is a college student who likes to write YA Adventure Fiction and Romance, usually with a dark or horror twist. Sometimes she even illustrates her stories. When not writing, she’s outside biking or jogging with her dog. She enjoys fashion, mythology, art, and meeting other people, especially her readers.

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