5 Star Review for All the Wrong Places (Bluewater Bay #14) by Ann Gallagher #MM #Romance

CoverTitle: All the Wrong Places (Bluewater Bay #14)
Author Name & Publisher: Ann Gallagher (Riptide)
Publication Date & Length: June 13, 2016 – 240 pgs


Three cheating girlfriends in a row have given skateboarder Brennan Cross the same excuse: he wasn’t meeting their needs. Desperate and humiliated, he goes to the professionals at the local sex shop for advice.

Zafir Hamady, a sales clerk at Red Hot Bluewater, has an unusual theory: he doesn’t think Brennan is a bad lover. In fact, he doesn’t think Brennan is heterosexual. Or sexual at all, for that matter. He also can’t stop thinking about Brennan. But even if he’s right and Brennan really is asexual, that doesn’t mean Zafir has a chance. Brennan’s never dated a man, and Zafir’s never met anyone who’s game for a Muslim single father with a smart mouth and a GED.

Brennan’s always thought of himself as straight. But when sex is explicitly out of the mix, he finds himself drawn to Zafir for the qualities and interests they share. And Zafir can’t help enjoying Brennan’s company and the growing bond between Brennan and his son. They work well together, but with so many issues between them, doubts creep in, and Brennan’s struggle with his identity could push away the one person he didn’t know he could love.

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All the wrong places is not the typical book that I normally read but I am glad that I did.

Brennan is a semipro skateboarder who has not have the greatest past with the woman in his life. After his most recent break up he starts to question what is wrong with himself and starts to try the answers to that question. This leads him to Red Hot a sex shop to seek out answers to how to improve himself in the bedroom. When he gets there he meets Zafir.

Zafir is a single father of a little boy named Tariq. There life has not always been simple because Zafir became a father at the age of 17 and has a GED and two jobs to make ends meet. He is also asexual.
Brennan and Zafir become close friends quickly until before they both realize it that everything has changed between them without them even realizing it.

This was a very sweet and in some ways romantic book. It is based around two people actually being together because they enjoyed their time together outside of the bedroom instead of inside of it. I loved being able to picture these two characters coming together and then when they weren’t together anymore to them both figuring out what it was that actually wanted from the other person.

But for me personally this book went further beyond it being a book about romance and such, it was also educational for me too. I had heard previously the term asexual but I never knew what it was and Ann Gallagher did an amazing job in this book making the term understandable for me. This book gave me insight into what it is like to be asexual and the feelings that someonemay have when coming to terms with this being what they are. To me personally it does not matter what someone identifieds themselves as but now I have an understanding of what asexual is.

Amazing job on this book. Can’t wait to read more books by Ann.



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