5 Star Review for A Quantum Convergence (Nexus Trilogy #1) by C.A. Farlow #FF #SciFi

CaptureTitle: A Quantum Convergence
Author Name & Publisher: C.A. Farlow (Desert Palm Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 13, 2016 – 330 pgs


Lauren Beckwith, eco-scientist and medical doctor, identifies life-threatening pollution and is challenged to remediate it. Alexandra, Queen of Fuar Cala, struggles with the aftereffects of a bio-weapon released on her world. Children are contracting a strange disease. A winter field trip, a ragging blizzard, and a grievous injury bring Lauren and Alex together. Will Lauren find answers to her self-doubt and professional guilt? Can she help Alex find a cure for her people? A quantum convergence brings their worlds together.Only a soul mates bond is strong enough to create a quantum convergence and allow them to find each other and heal.

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 FiveStarsOkay, I’m ready to gush about this one. There isn’t anything I can say I didn’t like. The initial part, when Lauren is on Earth and doing her job, was interesting. I liked the technical and scientific stuff she was doing, and her personal interactions with Jamie, Susan, and Sharon were fascinating. It definitely made me interested in what she was doing, and why she had closed herself off so much. The part about Mount Zikal was good too; a fight for survival which ended with her dazed and confused and truly wondering if she was off her rocker. The second part was almost like an idyllic interlude. Sure, there was danger and a perilous journey, but the bonds between Alex and Lauren, and to each of the animal companions was intriguing. And, although part of me wants to say that they got together too quickly, I’m not sure how they couldn’t have when their souls meshed so quickly, when they could each see into the other and know the kind of person they were falling for. But I seriously thought that after they got together, the story had to be pretty much over. Enter part three and boy, was I wrong. The fact that they got together so quickly didn’t make everything smooth sailing, and sure enough, outside forces conspire to separate them. Truthfully, at first I didn’t trust Merilyn, the Seneschal, because I was certain that it was her who’d separated the two women. The end is action-packed, and wow, almost like a divine right sort of thing. I didn’t like the jump from Lauren being in danger to Lauren looking toward home, I felt like I needed a bit more story in between there, but the end of the story leaves so much open for book two, and I will definitely be looking for it. This is really sci-fi, but it has a great many fantasy aspects to it as well, which makes it a wonderful mix. I couldn’t put the book down, and if you’re into sci-fi or fantasy, you won’t be sorry if you pick it up.


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