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Title: Deathcsape
Author Name & Publisher: Adrian J. Smith (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 6, 2016 — 12,000 words


Standing in the center of a storm, waiting for lightning to strike has always been one of CL’s favorite moments: the anticipation, the buildup for the moment for when the downpour begins.

This time is different. In the midst of a storm, a mysterious woman keeps appearing at her cottage, watching CL before disappearing. At first, the woman seems like lonely imaginings, but as the storm and CL’s interest in her strengthen, CL realizes that’s far too easy an explanation.

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This was an excellent story. I totally didn’t see some of the twists coming, which made them really effective for me. I liked the connection and entanglement with the storm, which made the setting a bit eerie. I liked the chemistry the two women had together. They seemed really hot together. Two reasons this wasn’t quite a 5 star for me. One, in some ways the story is too short. It’s hard to write a short story that doesn’t leave the reader wanting more. It’s a balance, one that Smith seems to get mostly right. That is, the story is complete, but there’s still that desire for a bit more. Two, this author frustrates me with her short stories by leaving me with unanswered, and unanswerable, questions at the end. Not sure I can list those questions here without giving away spoilers, but suffice it to say, I have questions about some of the whys, and some of the what nexts, and possibly even some of the but ifs.

In all, definitely an entertaining read. I liked the sizzle, but also the setting and the mystery.



CL keeps seeing a beautiful woman with amazing green eyes. She appears when there is a storm then disappears just as quickly. They kiss and go together to another place, the in-between, where they both feel an strong attraction and need to be together. They seem to be entwined somehow but CL cannot work out why. The story of how both came to be in this place and their growing feeling for each other is the basis for this lovely short tale. I loved all of the imagery, the wonderfully descriptive language. The two women needed each other and their need grew ever stronger , culminating in a beautifully written love scene. At times heart-wrenching but beautifully romantic.

~Kitty Kat


A short novel with an ethereal quality. Original, spicy and full of eloquent and colourful narrative and descriptions.
A very eerie essence from the opening sequence, that begins with noise and confusion and quickly transcends into peace and calm, with the storm being the equalizing factor.
I found the way the author described not only the sounds and the surrounding colours,  but  also the smells, gave the whole novel an almost intangible feel to it.
The only thing that appeared to be actual was the two women’s awareness and affection for each other.
A great and interesting read that successfully incorporated the ghostly with an erotic undertone. A concise novel but one definitely not to be missed.


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Adrian J. Smith, or “AJ” as she is often called, is a part-time writer with an epic imagination, sharp wit, and kind heart that gets her into a bit of trouble when it comes to taking in all the neighborhood stray cats. Being obsessed with science fiction, Smith often goes off on tangents about the space-time continuum. She is also a part-time lunatic with a secretive past. It’s been rumored that she was once a spy for the government, but anyone who has gotten close enough to know the truth has never lived to tell the tale. When traveling around the world on various classified tasks, Smith requires the following be provided: buffalo jerky, mimosas, and eighty-six pennies. This is all we know about the reclusive woman.


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