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Title: Surrender to Me (Surrender #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Raven J. Spencer
Publication Date & Length: February 14, 2016 – 141 Pages


Penny is finally ready to say yes all the way, but married life doesn’t start off as expected. While the attraction between her and Carter is deepening, Penny still struggles to adjust to her new life full of luxury and new responsibilities. Carter continues to keep secrets for a cause, and shares only reluctantly with her wife. Can they overcome those differences, and who’s going to surrender this time?

Intended for a mature audience due to various scenes of erotic nature

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Carter and Penny are getting married after their very unconventional start together. Carter ‘kidnapped’ Penny in order to save her from a sex trafficking ring and they fell in love. Carter is a multi-billionaire, who uses her money to help women in perilous situations with abusive male partners. She tries to keep Penny shielded from this part of her life and that causes some problems between them. She is also a control freak and is finding it difficult to let Penny take some of that control and for them to become equals. I really loved this book, as I did the previous one in the series. The women undergo changes in this story though in that Carter is slowly being forced to realise that Penny needs to be a full partner in all that she does. When Carter finds herself in huge danger then Penny has to be let into her secrets. She becomes more of a part of the dark world that Carter has had to inhabit. Penny’s friends are still wary of Carter and the story Penny has told them of her unusual relationship. Penny has some niggling doubts but in the end loves and trusts Carter. I liked how Penny grew stronger and felt able to challenge Carter more. Carter made a start on changing and hopefully we will see more of that in the next book


Kitty Kat


I found this book interesting, it allowed me to find out what was happening with Penny and Carter following on from the first book in the series. I applauded the scene at the awards presentation and felt it was strike for acceptance and recognition of same sex marriages, and it made me smile!
However it lacked the excitement and tension associated with the original. Penny’s repetitious moaning and self doubt about about her financial situation was a little wearing. Their sexual encounters were less erotic and the account of their wedding disappointing on the romantic front.
What I did feel was the first book in the series was a solid foundation and this novel was a securing up and beefing up of that, in anticipation of a shattering, and, climatic third novel. If this was Ms Spencer’s intention it certainly worked for me. I was definitely left wanting more, having more questions than answers and eagerly awaiting  the adventures and dangers and impending menaces left facing these two women.
Although one of a series it is a stand alone book.
This story is not an improvement on the first book. It actually pains me to say it but it’s true. At least the first book had some plot. This book seems like a placeholder book, as though the author wanted to write a trilogy for some reason. There may be some sort of resolution in the third book, but this book doesn’t add much to Penelope and Carter’s story. We still have an unequal relationship where Carter is controlling and keeping secrets, and Penelope is expected to live with it. There is no hint of compromise; Carter is basically telling her to take it or leave it, although she does expect Penelope to leave it. And I’m not really sure there’s enough there for Penelope to stay. But there’s still no real attempt to resolve this power imbalance and it makes it difficult to believe that Penelope would stay. Carter treats her like she’s a child, incapable of making her own decisions and withholding information that might allow Penelope to develop into a mature partner. But the biggest problem with the book is that nothing happens. Yes, they get married. Yes, they go on trips to other countries. Yes, Carter changes all the plans at the last minute and doesn’t tell Penelope why. And finally, Carter gets arrested in Paris, which is a little weird because she never did anything. But rather than using any of these events to help Carter and Penelope explore their relationship in an attempt to make it more equal, we have the same story of Carter making decisions for Penelope’s own good, and Penelope allowing it to happen. How are we supposed to believe that Penelope is more than a toy or a trophy wife if she doesn’t get to do anything? I will be reading book 3, but I’m not sure I’m looking forward to it anymore. I’d like to see the feisty, independent student stand up for herself and force a partnership on Carter.
Amy P.



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Raven J. Spencer, lesbian, married, loves everything sensual and indulgent which led her to write erotic romance and fantasies. When she’s not writing, you can often find her on Pinterest in the pursuit of inspiration.


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