5 Star and 4 Star Reviews for What a Difference a Day Makes by B.A. Huntley #FF #Trans


Title: What a Difference a Day Makes
Author Name & Publisher: B.A. Huntley (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: March 9, 2016


A day can last an hour or an eternity, as three friends learn in the final moments leading up to wedding they’ll be attending—one as the bride, two as the bridesmaids. Allison waits impatiently for her wedding night, the first night she and Jason will be together, worried that he won’t trust her to see his body. Lane reconnects with her on again, off again girlfriend, and Slim meets Joy, who tempts her into the sort of fling that’s never interested Slim before.

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This is a really cute, fun story about three friends at the wedding of one of them. It’s short enough to read in an afternoon and has elements which appeal at a number of levels.

There really isn’t a whole lot of plot. This is pretty much about the relationships between the women and their significant others. They’re all at different stages, but they have a long-standing friendship. I loved the heart-to-hearts between them as well as the witty banter. The side characters were interesting as well, and none of them felt flat or like stereotypes. The sex was gloriously hot and ranged from fun to sweet to emotional.

To me, this felt like a celebration of women’s sexuality and friendship. It didn’t have a whole lot in terms of character development, and there wasn’t much dramatic tension. Instead, we got a peek into the lives and loves of these very different women.

A terrific short work, and I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Huntley in the future.

Amy M.


I must admit that I haven’t read many trans books, and I’m not exactly sure you could say this is one, since the trans men in it aren’t main characters. But the whole book revolves around the marriage of one main character, Allison, to a trans man, and I was fascinated by the way the author wrote about it. I wish I knew of more real life stories that went as this marriage did. It was awesome that the attitude of everybody in the story was simply that he was a man, and that was that. The other two main characters are lesbians, and they’re having a bit of a time too, as they all get ready to watch one of their best friends get married. One is unsure about whether she even still has a girlfriend, and reading about Lane and Pabla’s story makes you quickly understand why that is. You do keep pulling for them though. This is one of those stories that makes you want so much for them to work things out, all the while wondering if they really can. Then there’s Slim and Joy. These two just make me smile. They’re having a fling, even though it really isn’t Slim’s style. But they’re having a lot of fun and a lot of hot sex. They leave things in a sort of ambiguous place, both wanting to continue to see each other, but Joy is not into relationships while Slim doesn’t know how to have sex outside the confines of one. The whole book is full of humorous incidents, harrowing tensions, and borderline bridezilla moments, along with a lot of people talking the bride off the metaphorical ledge. A very enjoyable book, and I’m glad I got the chance to read it.

Amy P.


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