5 Star and 4 Star Reviews for The Runaway Model (The Runaway Model #1) by Parker Avrile #MM #Romancer

CoverTitle: The Runaway Model (The Runaway Model #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Parker Avrile (Paris April Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 17, 2016 – 280 pgs


Kyle’s music blog gets a boost from rumors about his affair with a closeted rock star, but his followers have no idea of the reality of his life on the streets of Vegas. Men? He only lets them get close enough to pick their pockets.

Until Bryce– a wildcatter who struck it rich in North Dakota. He wants one last wild weekend without the bodyguards hovering. The hustler with the sexy English accent seems perfect for no-strings sex. But now Bryce can’t get Kyle out of his head. Especially since that tempting smile is suddenly on every other magazine cover…

Kyle can steal a heart as easily as a precious sapphire. But can he keep the heart he stole once the truth is out about his past?

If you like contemporary gay romance with real characters in a setting that’s a little glitzy and a little gritty, you’ll love The Runaway Model. This full-length 75,000 novel is a complete in one volume, and it’s absolutely cliffhanger free.

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This is a book based on more of a mystery/suspense with a little bit of loving going on. You never know what is going to go down once you turn the next corner or who is going to be involved.

The story starts when Kyle is 14 years old and his math teacher starts to obsess over him. At 16 Kyle runs away to America and meets his idol Stoney. At 18 the story really begins.

Kyle in my opinion has no control over what is happening in his world so that is why he latched on to the first thing that feels right in his life and that is following and being a fan of Stoney. I think that Kyle convinces himself that he and Dtoney will end up together and passes up on what could be the real thing with Bryce. I think that subconsciously he knows that he will never end up with Stoney and that is why Bryce is the one he always calls when he is in trouble and needs help. Kyle may not stay with Bryce but when his life and Stoney’s life are both in danger the one and only person he turns to is the one person he knows subconsciously will be there to save him, Bryce.

I think that from the first meeting Bryce knows he will never be able to get over Kyle and he knows that he is probably the only one that Kyle has trusted enough to be honest with. Bryce feels the connection between the two of them but he will not push how he feels on Kyle. He lets him go and when Kyle calls when his stalker comes calling again, Bryce is there for him. The question is when Kyle is safe who is it he will choose to be with Stoney or Bryce??

This was a book full of suspense as I said at the beginning of my posting and I enjoyed every minute of reading it. I never knew what was going to happen next and I hope that book two will tell more about how it all turned out in the long run of things. This is definitely a great read and Parker Avrile did an amazing job on it.



I really enjoy this book and this was a new author for me. I feel the author had everything exactly right. The emotion we felt from Kyle seemed to be spot on. You could feel the loneliness pouring off the pages for Kyle. It seemed like he had no place to turn. He has to deal with the stalker from hell right from the beginning and he feels forced to run away from home. Then Kyle meets Bryce. The connection between the two was absolutely great and as they began to their relationship you couldn’t help but root for both men. Then the stalker from hell shows up again but this time Kyle is not alone. Bryce was a pretty complex character yet I just knew he would be there for Kyle.  This book is not what I would consider a light read. Kyle goes through so many emotions and clearly feels lost. This book has everything from drama to angst to eventually love.



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