5 Star and 4 Star Reviews for Tales from Sea Glass Inn by Karis Walsh #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: Tales from Sea Glass Inn
Author Name & Publisher: Karis Walsh (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: July 12, 2016 – 240 pgs


Over the course of a year at Cannon Beach, tourists and locals alike find solace and passion at the Sea Glass Inn.

Melinda Andrews and Pamela Whitford own the Sea Glass Inn at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. After an oil spill threatens their shore, Mel and Pam join members of the community as they fight to heal the beach and its inhabitants while finding creative ways to keep businesses alive until the tourist trade recovers.

In these four novellas, Pam and Mel’s guests and neighbors find healing for themselves as well. From local residents, including a baker and a bookseller, to a visiting author and a Department of Fish and Wildlife Officer, these women come to the ocean in need of comfort, inspiration, and renewal. They not only discover these qualities at the inn, but they also find what they need most: love.

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Tales from Sea Glass Inn is a lovely collection of stories about the women who visit the Inn and the relationships that they form with each other. Pam and Mel run the Inn and they are always in the background of each story, helping others in a subtle way. Jenny and Helen meet when the town has to deal with an oil spill and are drawn to each other. They both have problems stemming from their childhoods and feel they are pulling in different directions. A romantic tale of love forcing people to confront themselves and their preconceptions and allow love to enter their lives.
Ari, a famous author with writer’s block, finds herself confronted with book owner Jocelyn, who seems to think she knows what is best for her. As they tussle they begin to realise that sometimes we need another person to point out the obvious. This story is about finding that special person and being open to it.
Heather and Aspen are polar opposites who are unhappy with their life’s and only by seeing the importance of following a dream find fulfilment. I enjoyed this one as it had two adorable characters who were so perfect for each other. They just
needed a push in the right direction.
The final tale is of Tam and Maggie, two women who are hanging onto childhood hurt and by being together realise that you don’t have to be defined by it. They were a passionate and sweet couple and I felt a veil was lifted from both as they became closer.
I loved all of the stories and how interconnections became more evident as they went on. The Sea Glass Inn was a catalyst for bringing people together and the owners Mel and Pam helped things along. An enjoyable read.
Kitty Kat


To tell the truth, I’m a little disappointed to be giving this book only 4 stars. I loved the prior book, Sea Glass Inn, and was looking forward to revisiting Mel and Pam. I’ve also loved many of Walsh’s other books. And I did enjoy my look into how Mel and Pam were doing, and I love the concept of this book; four novellas spanning a year at the Sea Glass Inn, all of them weaving a strong sense of community that can overcome adversity, and allow growth and love. My real problem is that in each of the novellas there was one character that I had a hard time liking. Well, except the last one, Spinnaker. I did like both characters in this story. But the other stories seemed to focus on having a person who was just a little rude, a little closed off, and a little unlikable. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. After all, Walsh made me care about all of them enough to be happy for them by the end of their story. But I found myself a little dissatisfied while getting to the HEA. It’s almost as if they weren’t very nice people at the beginning of their story, and that makes me wonder what exactly the people who fell in love with them saw that made them continue trying to build a relationship. By the end of the book, and each story, Walsh made me happy that I read them, but I wouldn’t exactly put them in that love category that so many other of her books are for me.

Amy P


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Karis Walsh is a horseback riding instructor who lives on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time outside with her animals, reading, playing the viola, and riding with friends.

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