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CoverTitle: Absolution (The Protectors #1)
Author Name: Sloane Kennedy
Publication Date & Length: April 1, 2016 –  358 pgs


After four years abroad, artist Jonas Davenport has come home to start building his dream of owning his own art studio and gallery. But just as he’s ready to put the darkness of his past behind him forever, it comes roaring back with a vengeance.

The only thing keeping ex-cop Mace Calhoun from eating his own gun after an unthinkable loss is his role in an underground syndicate that seeks to get justice for the innocent by taking the lives of the guilty. Ending the life of the young artist who committed unspeakable crimes against the most vulnerable of victims should have been the easiest thing in the world. So why can’t he bring himself to pull the trigger?

After years of fighting in an endless, soul-sucking war, Navy SEAL Cole Bridgerton has come home to fight another battle – dealing with the discovery that the younger sister who ran away from home eight years earlier is lost to him forever. He needs answers and the only person who can give them to him is a young man struggling to put his life back together. But he never expected to feel something more for the haunted artist.

Cole and Mace. One lives by the rules, the other makes his own. One seeks justice through the law while the other seeks it with his gun. Two men, one light, one dark, will find themselves and each other when they’re forced to stand side by side to protect Jonas from an unseen evil that will stop at nothing to silence the young artist forever.

But each man’s scars run deep and even the strength of three may not be enough to save them…

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It took a little bit for me to get into this book but once I got into it, I didn’t want to put it down. Then, when I was done reading it I really wanted to read the second book ASAP!!! Jonas has had some rough years in his past, he is trying to put it all past him and thought he had until Cole showed up on his doorstep. Cole was in the military, just found out his sister is dead and wants to know as much as he can about it from the one person that knew her, Jonas. Mace is an ex-cop with a past of his own, now he seeks justice for innocent lives lost. These three men have so many things eating them alive and they are all drawn to each other. Misinformation makes Mace think horrible things about Jonas even when his gut is telling him it can’t be true. These three are so different from each other but they work so well together and in the end they have such chemistry and are all so hot together you can just feel the heat coming off the pages. I can’t put into words how much I enjoyed this book but I am super excited to read Salvation next!



Ah, I just love Sloane Kennedy’s work. Whenever I see that this author has a new book coming out, I’m there.
Absolution begins a new series. The Protectors. Here we have a threesome with: Jonas, an ex rent boy turned artist. Mace, an ex cop turned avenger. And then there’s Cole, ex n navy seal who wants to know what happened to his sister. these three are brought together by fate and I loved reading about them. They each had what the other needed.
My only negative was that they needed more time to fall for each other. Everything happened too quickly for me to be too convinced that all three are in love. Maybe I’m just being picky. Haha. Still, I liked the story so there. Can’t wait to read Book 2.


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Although Sloane Kennedy always dreamed of being a writer as a teenager, she didn’t take the plunge until March of 2015 when she released her first novel as an independent author. Since then, she has released more than a dozen books including the Amazon best-selling “Barretti Security” series, “Finding” series and “Protectors” series. While she initially began writing M/F romance, she found her true passion writing gay romance and all four of her most recent releases reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s Gay Romance bestseller list and Freeing Zane, her final book in the Barretti Security series, made it to Amazon’s overall bestseller list. Sloane was born in Germany and grew up in Virginia and Wisconsin. Although she currently lives in Wisconsin, the place where she has always felt most at home is Seattle and many of her books take place in the Emerald city. Although she is unmarried, a menagerie of 2 dogs and 3 cats keeps her busy enough and 3 young nieces take care of the rest of her free time. Sloane loves being able to share her passion for romance with readers and she is truly humbled by all the support she’s received from fans and fellow authors alike.

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