5 Star and 4 Star Review for Silver Linings and Angel Wings (Vampire Elite Saga Book 1) by Kaden Shay #FF #Paranormal

CoverTitle: Silver Linings and Angel Wings (Vampire Elite Saga Book 1)
Author Name & Publisher: Kaden Shay (Supposed Crimes)
Publication Date & Length: July 1, 2016 – 219 pgs


In a world where Vampires reign and humans have two purposes, food or entertainment, can a human woman hope to become more than someone’s next meal?

Enter the world of the Vampire Elite, a High Council of ruling Vampires who govern the world from their own blood-driven perspective. Silver, the daughter of their leader, Ayana and her Lycan mate Ianos is the world’s first and only hybrid. She’s also the future leader of the Council. With a chip on her shoulder which competes with the expanse of her mother’s sizeable territory and a disdain for human life, she is frequently the cause of problems within their ranks.

When she finds herself sharing space with a human woman who isn’t afraid of her, who challenges her at every turn, how will she react? Will her mounting confusion about her connection to the human tear apart her last strand of self-control? Most importantly, can a hybrid who has always hated humans ever learn to love one? All these questions send ripples through Silver’s life when Angel enters the picture, turns her world upside down and makes her feel things she never thought possible.

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I was totally drawn into this book from the very beginning, but my first impression was that this was just going to be a very entertaining and fascinating read, I was wrong. This book was so much more. Fact and fantasy were so cleverly and closely interwoven it was very difficult to separate the two. I loved the way their history was explained and even the explanation of the plague and the need of the silver tattoo. It was touches like this that brought such depth to this novel.
The very essence of the book slowly explaining the mixture of both cultures and the effect it had on each other was brilliantly done. The similarities between different cultures and races were a great and relevant analogy to modern day society.
A fast paced and emotional plot just added to the exhilaration and at times the sadness of this fascinating
tale. The conclusion was beautifully done with enough unanswered questions that this talented author might elaborate, hopefully, with further adventures!


Silver is half vampire, half werewolf but has to keep her werewolf side completely under control.  When she doesn’t her anger and frustration boil over and the werewolf takes it out on the human population.  Her parents feel she needs a companion so choose a beautiful young woman and an instant attraction is apparent between them.  Things do not run smoothly though as the two sides of Silver are fighting each other and she treats Angel appallingly.  How they get past this and become soul mates is the jist of this novel.  I enjoyed seeing how Silver changed and how she dealt with the huge conflict within herself.  The bond she forged with Angel was beautiful and it made her a better person.  The world that Kaden Shay has imagined is fascinating.  The vampires being in control of vast swathes of the world and the organisation behind it all was well thought out.  The connections with the werewolves and how they kept the human population in subjugation showed planning for many more stories from this world.  I really look forward to reading more in this vein.
The novel was well written and absorbing and had more than a few tense moments. The author really knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.   It was so easy to imagine this world was real and that the various types of ‘creatures’ truly existed.
 Kitty Kat


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aden Shay is a 30-something crazy-cat-lady in-the-making who currently resides in Arizona with her partner and miniature zoo, which does currently include 4 cats. When she isn’t writing or playing mom to several fur-kids she’s singing, playing guitar, or playing online video games.

Kaden grew up in a very musical household and was singing with her family early on in life. Having an English teacher for a dad gave her a love of the written word and encouraged her to begin her own path toward writing. She spent middle school and early high school penning poems, songs, and short stories before beginning her first book at age 16 (a project she still hasn’t completed)!

Her furry family, currently consisting of two dogs, four cats, and several rodents, is always available to help her procrastinate in finishing projects. Helping that along are her favorite activities like online RPGs and karaoke.


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