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CoverTitle: Damaged
Author Name: Noah Willoughby
Publication Date & Length: June 27, 2016 – 74 pgs


Nobody is invincible…

On a seemingly ordinary night, Tom Otso’s life changes forever when he is ambushed, attacked and left for dead. Though he survives the ordeal, Tom finds out at the hospital that the gravity of his injuries has left him permanently disabled.

Eric Kontio is a physical therapist who is assigned to Tom’s case to help rehabilitate and adapt Tom to his new way of living. In helping people for over 20 years, Eric has never met anyone with such an incredible spirit and positive attitude as Tom. Eric becomes infatuated with him and marvels at his incredible progress.

Being together every day, the two men grow closer as friends, but things become complicated by Tom’s jealous and moody boyfriend, Adrian, and Eric’s professionalism being doubted by his superior. When the true feelings of both men come to the surface, so do their painful pasts which could make or break their relationship.

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This book in my opinion is a powerful story That is full of regret for past mistakes, fear for the future, acceptance of the bad that has happened, and finally hope for the future.

Tom is viciously attacked outside of a gay club. So much so that it changes his life forever. In some good ways and in some bad ways. Because of the attack Tom is now paralyzed from the waist down. He has to learn how to cope with the life changing events. And the person in charge of helping him with his recovery is Eric.

Tom and Eric both become friends. There is a level of attraction between the two but neither act on it because Tom who has a boyfriend.

That changes several months after Tom is finally released from the hospital and rehab. Tom and Adrian break up and Eric tracks down Tom again. From that point the two grow closer but there are still secrets that neither have shared with the other and those secrets will either tear them apart or will help them to grow closer. The question is which will they chose???

This book is a powerful book because it is an example of how bad things can turn out when bullies go too far. It also shows that when someone is strong not only mentally but physically they can move past a disability and still live a normal life just like everyone else.

I truly enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading more by Noah Willoughby in the future.

This book was intense and moving and the author did an excellent job of bring together the perfect amount of emotion and feeling. This was a book about learning to live again (not just because of a disability) but also a book about rediscovery. This author was able to do this in spades. I had an immediate connection with Tom but it took me a while to warm up to Eric, but once I did there was no going back. The characterization in this book was excellent and I was immediately drawn into the story and did not want to put it down. Excellent job!!


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My name is Noah and I’ve heard all the jokes about my name (e.g. “Where’s your ark?”). I was born in Washington State during the 80’s, the greatest decade for music. I’m an introvert, and have spent a lot of my time observing the human world in all of its bizarre glory.

I have always been interested in storytelling and my imagination is getting into gear with stories of humanity that I‘m compelled to finally get on paper. After many years of slumming it in the workplace, I‘m finally following my passion and doing it at home, in my underwear.

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