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Title: Karma (Cattle Valley #33)
Author Name & Publisher: Carol Lynne (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: March 29, 2016 — 88 pages


From an Olympic Gold Medalist to jail inmate, one man’s journey to rebuild his life after hitting rock bottom.

Once a celebrated athlete, Guy Hoisington fell from grace and into a bottle. For years, the citizens of Cattle Valley went out of their way to avoid the drunk lecher, but one man, Shane Rendell, not only dated Guy during a brief period of relative sobriety but fell in love with him before he was hastily cast aside.

Living within the thick haze of liquor and sex, Guy rarely made good decisions, but on one particular dark night, he makes the worst decision of his life when he decides to drive down the mountain after a long evening of drinking. He wakes from a coma to discover he’s run an innocent man off the road and has a life-changing injury. For the first time in a very long time, Guy is able to look at himself through sober eyes, and he hates the man in the mirror. In one stupid move, he’s lost everything.

Shane has tried for two years to move on with his life after falling for the town alcoholic, but when he learns of Guy’s accident, he rushes to the hospital. Although the entire town may hate Guy, Shane is determined to prove Guy hasn’t lost everything.

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I have to say this book was extremely amazing. It is a book that I would say is about getting a second chance to make right all the wrongs that one caused.

Guy was an Olympic gold medalist that turned drunk. One night after having a little to much to drink he got in his car and cause an accident that almost took Riley’s life and almost took his also but did take his leg. After waking from a coma and finding out that he lost his leg and that he caused the accident and was going to jail, the person he least expected walks into his hospital room and turns his life upside down again even after Gay had treated him horribly in the past. Shane made it clear to Guy that he was there to stay even if it was only as a friend.

Guy in my opinion is on a road to self destruction. He is out to destroy himself in any way possible. He does not see that his drinking is harming not only himself but others also. When he drinks he is not the nicest person and using his drinking makes it easier to forget the things that hurt him in the past instead of dealing with it. Guy has not dealt with the abuse he indured at the hands of his father and coach from when he was a child and because of not dealing with it, it leaves him with a gaping hole in his hurt where all the is. His drinking is what he uses to mask the pain.

Shane in my opinion is the strong one in this book. Because even though he was hurt by Guy in the past more then once he believes Guy is a good guy and Shane will do anything to help Guy realize the same about himself. Shane knows that guy has it in him to quit drinking and to turn his life around and Shane stands by him and doesn’t waiver on it even when Guy lashes out at him.

This is an amazing story about hitting rock bottom with no where else to go other then to pick up the pieces and start over and try to make amends and pray you turn out to be better, stronger person this time around. It is also about the one person that stands beside you when no one else will and the strength it takes to stand by you.

This book was beautifully written and is an amazing story. It is easy to picture this book as being a true story of someone’s life. Great job Carol Lynne.



This is a very complicated short story about the owners of a ski lodge in Cattle Valley (or, more accurately, in the mountains above Cattle Valley.  

I have to admit that I didn’t feel an emotional connection to either of the leading men which meant that I failed to engage with the central romance.  I found the main character, Shane, instantly likeable but I was soon feeling more pity than admiration for him as he shamelessly devoted himself to a man so unworthy of his attentions.  And I found Guy impossible to like.  Even as he starts to redeem himself, his efforts often felt selfish.

This is #33 in a long running series and I read it as a stand alone which will have coloured my judgement.  I found myself confused by the names of towns and characters.  For such an elaborate series, a map or a list of characters at the start would have really helped.  

Ultimately, it was the story itself I failed to really engage with.  90 pages is just not enough to deal with a string of heavy topics: life-changing injury, alcoholism, child abuse and financial ruin.  One of these topics could be the single central theme for a much longer story, but this felt like a whistle-stop tour without development or resolution.  

Fans of the series may have a very different reaction to this story.  Some of these threads may have been developed carefully through the series, but I didn’t enjoy this story enough to pursue earlier books to find out.  



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An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance. Carol juggles between being a full-time mother and a full-time writer. These days, you can usually find Carol either cleaning jelly out of the carpet or nestled in her favourite chair writing steamy love scenes.


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