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CoverTitle: Eight Seconds
Author Name & Publisher: William Davrick (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: August 31, 2016


Dustin Marston, wannabe professional bull rider, cannot stay on a bull for the required eight seconds. Suffering from sinister flashes of suppressed memories from his childhood, Dusty has a panic attack during a hazardous sexual encounter that lands him in serious legal trouble.

When he proves to be uncooperative, his health counselor, Diana, turns to a colleague for assistance—only for the to learn that Joe was once the boy Dusty loved when they were kids, and who was lost to him twenty years ago. Then Joe proposes a highly unorthodox treatment to save Dusty, a treatment that wakes old nightmares and threatens any chance they have of a future.

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WARNING: Do not read if you have triggers to child abuse, rape, violence, and murder. I am no trying to turn anyone away from this book with those warnings because that is not the whole of the book but all of those are talked about and mentioned in this book.

This book is a book I would describe as true strength, and not letting the horrible child hood traumas to ruin the future. It is about excepting the past and looking forward to a better future. This book is a true survivors story.

I felt so many emotions reading this book. Dusty had the most horrible childhood at the hands of someone who was supposed to love and protect him and instead because of that person his adulthood was left in shambles and he could not remeber what the cause behind it was because he blocked out as much bad as he could. It took Joe coming back into his life for him to finally find the strength within himself to face the demons of his past to be able to become the man he has always wanted to be.

This book in my opinion should be considered a true inspirational story about survival and about seeking the help that ones needs in these situations to be able to accept what happened and to be able to move on to better things in life despite it all. William Davrick did an amazing job on this book and should be very proud of it. I hope that many more people will take opportunity to read it because it is a very touching story that will stay with you.



This is a very gritty look at the repercussions and aftermath of child abuse. A fan of cowboy romances, I was (perhaps naively) expecting a little bit more rodeo and a little less graphic child abuse.

I’m not sure it is possible to enjoy this story. At times it is incredibly moving and at other times it is extremely disturbing but this is never a comfortable book. There were times I found myself falling for both Joe and Dusty, but just when I started to invest in one of them, I would find myself conflicted.

Joe is supposed to be a respected doctor or psychiatrist or therapist…(what exactly are his qualifications?) but he ignores the huge conflict of interest that comes with treating Dusty and operates far outside any possible professional code of conduct. I found it increasingly difficult to respect his maverick approach to therapy and as a result, I found it increasingly difficult to believe in the character as the book progressed.

At least Dusty is supposed to be a hot mess. But like Joe, his actions hurt people and it is difficult to ever fully love his character. Dusty’s progress from hot mess to stable partner is impossibly quick.

I was managing the Dusty/Joe/Diana/Katelyn storyline until near the end. But if the extreme revelations about Dusty’s past didn’t push plausibility completely out the window, the plot twist Joe pulls out of a hat to solve all of Dusty’s problems certainly did. Unfortunately, this descended into a soapy drama by the end.

Ultimately, there were moving parts to this book but unlikeable leading men and an implausible plot made this story difficult for me to get through.


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