5 Star and 3 Star Reviews for Beach Night by Parker Avrile #MM #Romance

CoverTitle: Beach Night
Author Name & Publisher: Parker Avrile (Paris April Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 23, 2016 – 75 pgs


Three million dollars is up for grabs…

Nobody stumbles into this two-bit lakefront casino by accident. Chris knows there’s something hinky going on from the moment Dillon waltzes into the place wearing his form-fitting three-hundred-dollar jeans. Dillon’s blazing hot, but those magic fingers keep triggering the machines to spit out jackpots.

It’s Chris’s job to put guys like Dillon in prison. That’s the reason Chris needs to go undercover as a hookup who meets Dillon on a secluded beach.

Or at least Chris tells himself that’s the reason.

“Beach Night” is an 18,000-word male/male contemporary romantic suspense novella. It’s a complete standalone story with a happily ever after and NO cliffhanger.

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FiveStarsThis was a really intriguing short story.

From the moment Chris seen Dillion on the monitor overlooking the casino he worked security in, he knew that something was different about him. Not just different but possibly dangerous. Regardless Chris found himself seeking out Dillion and wanting to not only get to know him better but to also save him from the dangerous situation that Dillion was in. And so it began, Chris through himself full on into the situation to try and save Dillion. But what happens when the tables are turned and suddenly Chris finds himself in a situation that might take not only Dillion’s life but his own.

This book was full of mystery. I found myself questioning who Dillion was and whether he was in the situation he is in because of bad circumstances or because he is truly a bad guy. I also found myself concerned about Chris and Dillion’s safety. As I said this was a wonderful read and full of mystery and intrigue. I really enjoyed it!!!!

Beach Night wasn’t really for me, but you might like it if you’re looking for a light read with some romance and suspense.
This story is okay, but it seems rushed and awkward at times and lacking in depth. For me, character development is really important. When I feel the connection with the characters I become really invested in the story. Chris and Dillon didn’t really have enough depth or personality for me to feel that connection to them.
Overall, there were some interesting elements in the story, but it wasn’t very engaging. It was a bit of a struggle to get through. It might have been better if it was fleshed out more


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