5 Star and 3 Star Review for Training Him by Alissa Rose #MM #Erotic

Training Him EBTitle: Training Him
Author Name: Alissa Rose
Publication Date & Length: February 26, 2016 – 77 pgs


Over weight and stuck in a loveless relationship, Troy makes the decision to join the local Gym and get back into shape for his girl. What he wasn’t expecting was to meet Mikah. Will his confusion scare him or tantalize him.

Mikah is a trainer at Olympus Gym, openly gay outside of work, and in a happy relationship, that is until the afternoon he met Troy. With no intentions of changing Troy’s orientation, Mikah can’t help but admire from a distance.

Sparks will fly while Mikah is, Training Him.

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I loved….loved….loved this book. The main characters are Troy and Mikah.

It starts out with Troy (a straight man) deciding it is time to turn his life around to what it was like when he was in school. Since being out of school he has put on some weight and lost his athletic build and he is wants to feel desirable again for his girlfriend Emily.

Mikah is the trainer he meets and ends up with when he starts working out at the gym. Mikah is gay but he is not out at work and for the first couple of months he is not out to Troy either.

Alissa Rose takes us through what it is like for one man to figure out he desires another man and also what it is like for both to come out.

Alissa did an amazing job with this book. I am so glad that I read this book. It may be a short story but it was definitely worth the read. I had to take breaks while reading it to tend to my children but I found that I could not wait to be able to get back to the book to see what was going to happen next.

Great read…. Looking forward to reading more by Alissa Rose



Story – 4 stars
Editing – 1 star
Ending in 3 stars

Mikah is an athletic trainer who seemed super genuine.  He is kind, hot, take charge, but not in a demanding manner.  Then you have Troy.  He is floundering in his life – he’s unhappy in his relationship, knows that he’s out of shape and is looking for something, but doesn’t know what that is.

When they are together, things make sense.  You have some drama in the story, which helps create a feeling of cohesiveness and romance.  I enjoyed the story a lot, but overall, the most glaring issue is the editing.  Wrong usage of their and they’re and there are quite a few typos.  This would have received a higher star rating, but the editing detracted from the story.





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Author photo

Alissa Rose is a mother of three, living in a rural town in western New York. She has a very wild imagination to go with her spontaneous personality and uses her writing as an outlet. For years she had the desire to write a book and make her day dreams a really for everyone else to enjoy. With the love and support of her family, that fantasy is now a reality! She uses her experiences traveling with her chainsaw carving husband in her first series to shed a new light on the unseen world from behind the Ferris wheel. Then turns up the heat even more with the novella Training Him, a M/M erotica that won’t disappoint.


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