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CoverTitle: The Captain’s Calamity (Adrift #3)
Author Name & Publisher: T.J. Land (NineStar Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 20, 2016 – 62 pgs


The captain’s luck is finally changing. After four years of being lost in space, his starship, The Prayer, has found an inhabitable planet to land on. The whole crew—and his lovers Thomas, Rick, and Zachery in particular—are happy to set foot on terra firma again, not least because the planet comes with plenty of trees to hide behind for those…intimate occasions. But the fertile landscape hides a secret. When the captain finds himself abducted by an alien life form, he’s got limited time to get back to his crew before they succumb to infighting. Only the alien is so very attractive…

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I just have to be completely honest here and say that I live TJ Land’s series Adrift. With each book that I read, I find myself wanting more. Book three is no different from the other two books in the series. I loved it also.

I was so surprised that in this book that Echo found himself getting closer to someone on the ship. And I have to say that I am excited about reading thenext book in the series when it comes out to find out if Echo and this other person keep getting closer and if they will somehow end up together.

Even though Rux was not completely honest with the captain and crew about “his people”, I find that I really like him. There is just this innocence about him even though he is probably far from it.

Antoine is another one that is a mystery to me. I think in his own way that Antoine is attracted to Zachary. They would make a very odd couple but as we learned in this book, they have a lot more in common then most realize or know about and I think that is grounds for the start of some sort of relationship for them.

I really feel bad for Rick. He was hurt in this book but he is stronger then anyone gives him credit for because he is taking everything in stride. I also think that because of this incident that left him injured that it could lead to him and Zachary having a more open relationship with each other and bring them closer together.

I cannot wait till the next book comes out and see what this crew will get up to next. Another great book in this series.



The Captain‘s Calamity is a light and fun read, but I find it lacks depth.

I’ll admit that I prefer this installment of the Adrift  series over the second book,The Captain‘s Encounter. There is action and intrigue and some character growth. There isn’t as much sex in this book as the others. That is not a complaint, as I preferred the shift in focus. But it’s worth pointing out.

I do appreciate the diversity of the characters in this story. It adds an interesting element to the relationships.

In general, I find this story is broken into too many small parts for my taste. I would prefer if it was all in one book, or possibly two, depending on how much more is planned for this series.

I’m still looking forward to see what happens next. I recommend this series to someone looking for an over-the-top, erotic Sci-Fi.



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T.J. Land is a South African writer of erotic romance and sometimes other things. She loves astronomy without understanding the first thing about it, and she insists that the Horsehead Nebula does not look anything like a horse. She thinks your hair is cute.

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