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Title: Seduction Squad
Author Name & Publisher: Shaye Evans (Kiss & Tell Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: February 29, 2016 — 52 pages


A little kindness can go a long way—as Lockland found when he gave Adan a sub sandwich. Now, five years later, their bond is strong.

After receiving a call to an apartment fire, Adan fears for Lockland’s safety when the ceiling caves in, but little does Adan know it makes Lockland realize one important thing: life is too short to be left wondering. So what will Lock do when the squad’s youngest member, Jay, asks to join him and Adan in the back of the squad truck?

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Always enjoy a Fireman story, just something so sweet and sexy about them!

This is a quick and condensed Menage story, You have an endearing love story between Adan and Lockland. You don’t have much time to get to know these two but the author does a great job of showing the strength of their relationship really quickly.

After an on job scare, these two need to reconnect and let me tell you, the steamy parts of the story quickly evolves. But realizing how deep they feel about each other doesn’t mean they can’t push the limits when a fellow squad member wants to test the waters. Both Adan and Lockland realize life is too short to not see what could be. Open minds and open hearts is what this story is really about and some hot and nearly public sex to keep you turning the pages.



For a short story this is an awesome  book.

There are two main characters in this book, Aden and Lockland. Both men are fire fighters. On a precarious call out Lockland’s leg becomes trapped under a beam that fell. Aden refuses to leave Lockland. So between Aden and their Lieutenant Sam they was able to free Lockland’s leg against the Cheif’s orders to evacuate. Once the rescue is over and Lockland returns to the fire house, he and Aden could not hold back until they was home.

It is truly hard to portray all the emotions in a short story that authors are able to portray in a novel but Shaye Evans was able to do so in this short story. Because of her graphic writing I was able to feel the fear that Aden felt when he thought he lost Lockland. I was literally holding my breathe as I read on to see if they would be able to get Lockland out of the fire. Then I felt the love they have and have had for the past five years for each other once they was reunited after Lockland returned from the hospital along with the relied of him being safe and sound. And last but not least I was able to feel the sadness with them over the loss of their families when they was disowned by their families for loving one another. That is defiantly not an easy feat with a short story but again Shaye Evans accomplished that and so much more with this book. Amazingly job well done



This story had a lot of promise. I mean, what isn’t hot about two firemen?? And a third too? Whew! Only… It missed the mark for me.
While I thought the story was actually well written and was fairly believable, there were some down points that just ruined it for me.
First, I found a LOT of errors in the way that the fire house/call was handled. Second, when it came to the sex scenes, I found myself asking ‘How would that be possible?’ more than “oooh that was hot.” Seriously, can you put your forehead to the person behind you in a doggy-style position? Third, there was quite a few repetitive words that really ruined the flow of the book for me. For example, the flames licked the wallpaper a few times in one scene alone. A mix up of words would’ve really helped keep the flow going better in my opinion.
Overall, however, I didn’t think the story was terrible. I think with a few fixes in how the firefighter procedure was written/handled along with a bit more thought put into the physical situations and if things would actually be possible (and at one time I thought there was actual penetration, but there wasn’t or was there? It was confusing as heck.) I think the writer could write a book that would really suck the reader in and keep their attention with a bit of change.
I would certainly give them another shot in the future.


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Shaye Evans is a proud Australian author of the M/M Romance genre. She prides herself in not only writing the genre but also reading it. As an author and supporter to the LGBT community, Shaye wishes to inspire anyone who reads her books and hope they help in whatever insignificant or significant way.

At age nineteen, Shaye found her love in the genre when she read her first M/M and was instantly hooked, but it took her an entire year to begin writing her own. She has had five of nine short stories accepted to be published in 2014 alone. Something she is very proud to admit—and who wouldn’t be?

When not writing or plotting her next piece, Shaye keeps busy by either reading one of over four-hundred books in her collection, designing her next book cover, or shopping. She one day dreams of being a paramedic and her books making it to the movies!


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