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CoverTitle: Raw Lust: The Raw Trilogy 1
Author Name: Sibley Jackson
Publication Date: June 27, 2016


*Note: This gay romance contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

Z: dynamic, in your face sexual rock star in the making. He and his band, Wild Riot, are hoping to hit the big-time, and they’re getting close. He knows a relationship is out of the question if he hopes to make it big.
Jason: low key and handsome, he’s sworn to never care for a guy again—at least not without taking it slow and easy. He chose poorly once. By the time he walked away, his self-esteem had been in shreds.

Then Wild Riot takes the stage at the city’s most popular gay club. Jason has scored a front row table. He’s heard all about the band and their sexy lead singer. Big deal. He’s seen a ton of bands.

A single spotlight explodes from the darkness, illuminating Z. Their eyes meet—and the heat between them could incinerate the whole damn place.

Before the first set ends, both know they can’t walk away. Not until they’ve had one night of scorching, animalistic sex.

After all, neither is looking for anything more. Especially nothing as inconvenient and terrifying as love.

ATTENTION: 1/3 of this story was published on Amazon only in serialized form, under the name The Performance Series. 2/3 of this story is new, due to popular demand for Z and Jason. Even if you have read The Performance Series, you will enjoy the Raw Trilogy.

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I truly enjoyedthis book and I am on pins and needles waiting for the next one to come out. By the name of this book and the warning of explicit male/male scenes at the beginning of the book I thought there would not be a lot of story line in it. But that is so far from the truth.

Yes there is a lot of explicitly hot scenes in the book but there is so much more then just that.

This is a book in my opinion about two people finding each other and having this powerful connection from the get go. The problem is it comes at a time in their lives when their careers are taking off and it makes it extremely hard for them to have a relationship.

Zeke or Z to his friends is the lead singer in his band and they are the point that they may just get the contract to become even bigger. Their following is huge is getting bigger each show.

Jason is a window designer at a big retail store and is moving up in the business with each new display.

When these two men meet is only meant to be a one night stand but they both soon realized he could be so much more and decide to give it a try even though Z is leaving for tour for six weeks.

Things progress between them and they become closer. At the same time the band gets closer to its dream. It is not easy being with a rock star but both are trying. They even have issues with their friends and co workers telling both of them are fools for waiting for the other. But regardless they remain together and committed to each other.

This book was truly an amazing read. I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out because I have a feeling it will be explosive. This is the first book I have read by this author but I can guarantee I will be reading more in the future.


This book was full of hotness. Jason and Z just can’t get enough of each other and when they are together it is explosive. I hate the whole I am a rocker and I am going on the road and I will be faithful crap. Yeah I know it can happen but I wonder how often and for how long. That kinds of stuff just sets me on edge but I did enjoy the book and I will read the next one in the series because I liked the chemistry between Jason and Z.



This book had its moments.  While I enjoyed the premise, I struggled with the writing style and I found myself giggling through sexual descriptions.  For a rock star story, I enjoyed Z’s realistically slow building career.  The strain on his and Jason’s relationship feels honest and accurate.  


Both Z and Jason feel very young in this story and the intensity of the relationship doesn’t always fit with the new adult vibe of the book.  I did enjoy the long distance relationship, the insecurities faced by both men and the trust that develops between them.


But honestly, my favourite parts of this book are the inadvertent bloopers and bizarre sex descriptions.  I highlighted so many brilliant quotations that made me giggle.  My favourite passage was probably Z’s description of licking Jason’s ass crack.   The 21 year old struggling musician says the taste of Jade’s ass “was like a fine French wine. His taste wasn’t simple.  It consisted of several layers.”  The same man whose ass tastes of French wine also has perfect balls, “like eggs in a basket”.  By the time the pucker of Jason’s ass was personified and “signalling it was willing to allow him eventual access”, I was in tears.  
Possibly for the wrong reasons, I am really looking forward to the next installment in this series as both Z’s music and the relationship between the two men continues to develop.  Honestly, I just can’t wait to see how sex is described in the next book.



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NOTE: Caddy also writes gay m/m romance under the pen name Sibley Jackson. To be notified of new gay m/m romances by email, sing up here: http://tinyurl.com/kwzlad8

The drama of humanity. We live, die, love, hate, win and lose in a never-ending variety of ways. Often those ways are heart-wrenching. Other times they are not.

Why do people make the choices they do? Why do some abuse power? How do the powerless learn to survive? Why do a few dare to be different, while others conform—and why are so many disturbed by those who don’t? These are the questions that have always haunted author Caddy Rowland. Those questions keep her pounding away at her keyboard, creating novels for adults who color outside the lines.

Caddy has always been a nonconformist. She likes to push the proverbial envelope when it comes to characterization and world building. Heroes have warts; villains have soft spots. Main characters don’t always learn their lessons because all too often we don’t, either. There isn’t always a happy ending, but sometimes there is. Otherwise she’d be predictable.

She writes for readers who like to think and feel; who like their stories to be raw, graphic, unpredictable, “real” and sometimes brutal. For readers who like their boundaries challenged; to be shown how rarely life decisions are truly black and white, but instead shades of grey.

Think of a carnival midway with books instead of rides. She asks you make sure you’re the minimum height if you plan on riding alone. You must also leave prejudices and inhibitions behind the entry gate. If you can’t, Rowland’s reads might be a tad much for you. Don’t worry. There are plenty of safer reads out there. Just step out of the line and find a more appropriate book for your reading enjoyment.

No, Caddy Rowland’s novels aren’t for everyone. But then again, they just might be for you.

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