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CoverTitle: After the Fire
Author Name & Publisher: Emily Smith (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: March 15, 2016 – 240 pgs


Paramedic Connor Haus is good at two things—saving lives on the streets of Boston and holding her past against every firefighter she meets. The tragic loss of her partner, Kam, has left her bitter and angry, her work and fellow -EMT Jake O’Harrigan the only pieces of her life she still cares about. Until rookie firefighter Logan Curtis moves to town, and onto Connor’s scene, and threatens to rattle the walls Connor has long since put up.

Hotshot Logan has never had a problem getting women to notice her. But when Connor trips her radar, she realizes Connor may be more than just another notch on her bedpost.
But how could anyone compete with Kam’s memory?

Sometimes, you have to wait until after the fire to see just what’s worth saving.

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If you are looking for a well written truly romantic read then this novel is an absolute must. Both women are very strong very different characters and it is this difference that makes the novel so interesting.
Obviously Ms Smith has researched or experienced both professions that she writes about because this novel has a truly authentic ring when it comes to details regarding the women’s occupations. It is this attention to detail that adds such substance and credibility to this fascinating love story.
Other entertaining characters brought humour and drama and added yet another dimension to this captivating romance.
This absorbing novel is a one that is not only engrossing but leaves the reader with a real feel good factor. It was a real pleasure to read.
This was a delightful romance story. Connor is a kickass paramedic that lost her firefighting girlfriend years before and has thrown herself into her work. She meets Logan, a new firefighter in her area, and feelings that she thought had died with Kam begin to surface again; however, even as she tries to deny those feelings they grow stronger.

So many times throughout the book I wanted to wring her neck and tell her to get with it, but she continued to resist. Toward the end she nearly walked away for good. I’m glad she had such good friends in Jake and his wife. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to try to move on with life after you lose someone you love as much as she did Kam. I felt the struggle and the emotions as if I were experiencing them myself.

Well done to the author for her portrayal of the struggle and the emotions. I loved Jake’s witty comebacks and I loved Annie’s caring and nurturing side with her little sister Logan.

I understand that the story was more Connor’s than Logan’s but I would have loved to see more of Logan’s story and more interaction with her sister. The book was still great without it, though I enjoyed their dynamic so much I would have loved more.

I loved the bits of their job that we get to see, though I do wish it were more. I would have also loved to learn how some of the patients toward the end faired; however, I understand that Logan was the one that typically followed up on those she brought in. I also wish we could have been a part of more fire fights, though I do understand that wasn’t the main goal of the book.

All-in-all I enjoyed watching Connor become less closed off and more open and I enjoyed getting to watch as she and Logan fell in love. Great read.


This book definitely kept me turning pages. Logan almost made me wish I’d met her first! Except for the whole part about her being fictional, of course. So, firefighters are sexy, that’s a definite truism. But they’re also in a dangerous job, a job where they encounter dangerous situations all the time, and a job where their judgment can save people, or end up getting themselves and others hurt. Connor knows this for a fact, because her wife died in the line of duty, unable to stand by and watch someone die without trying to save her. Now Logan enters her life, and Connor is afraid to have any feelings for her, afraid of losing her heart to someone who could also die on the job. The problem is that we can’t decide who we love.

Connor was the frustrating character in this book. Her fear of loss is understandable; losing Kam was almost more than she could bear, how can she survive if she loves and loses Logan? At the same time, we can see that she’s lying to herself about her feelings. And that’s frustrating, because her inability to resolve the fact that she has feelings for Logan with the possible dangers of Logan’s job means she takes us on a ride of indecisiveness. She gets closer to Logan, then pushes her away, then pulls her back, then runs away again. It really makes you want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her, hard and repeatedly. (I was rooting for Jake to finally do that to get her to wake up.)

In the end, Connor has to face the fact that there are no guarantees in life, but that doesn’t mean you should stop living. And she has to do it before she loses Logan forever. I liked the story a lot, and I was pulling for Logan long before she ever got a first date. The book kept my interest and ended on a note that left me satisfied with the story and feeling good. Another author to keep my eye on.

Amy P.


Connor is a paramedic with a strong dislike of firefighters. Her lover, Kam, was a bit gung-ho and died at a car fire she was attending. From then on Connor thinks all firefighters are jerks with a death wish. When a new female firefighter, Logan, starts turning up at joint calls Connor gives her the cold shoulder but a smouldering attraction between the two is obvious.
I really liked this book as it combined a great on-again, off-again love story with an insight into the working lives of Paramedic and firefighters. Their professional lives were hectic and full of tension and the high adrenaline fuelled the electricity between them. Connor would give a little then pull back and I felt sorry for Logan. Logan was so hurt she would return to the bars to pick up some nameless woman after another. Connor was scared of her feelings as she had shut them off for three years after Kam died. Her answer was to sleep with Galen, a promiscuous ER doc. The attraction between Connor and Logan was so well written and the heat almost jumped off the page in their love scenes. Nothing too graphic, just tender and well described. Just when you thought it was all going to work out there would be another setback! The last part of the book really forced them both to face their feelings and in life and death situations the characters finally admit what we all knew all along.

Kitty Kat


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Emily Smith was born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire, where she started writing at an early age. Her grandmother was a children’s author, and she comes from a family of English teachers. Searching For Forever is Emily’s first full-length novel and first venture into the publishing world. When she isn’t writing, which is rare, Emily works in the medical field. She has been an EMT for years and is currently in school to become a physician assistant. She lives in Boston with her partner, where they try to escape to Provincetown as much as possible.


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