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Title: Sweet Spot (Homeruns #4)
Author Name: Sloan Johnson
Publication Date: May 9, 2016


Four years ago, it took no time at all for Cody Marshall to fall for the rookie pitcher at spring training. While their lives were nothing alike, Cody understood Nick Stone’s insecurities and pain. And then… Nick left. Eventually, Cody found his own passion and landed a dream internship with the Mavericks. His life was finally turning around. And then… Nick came back.

Just like the first time they met, Cody finds himself falling for Nick. Unfortunately, Nick is still plagued by the belief that he is where he is because of his father. If they’re ever going to make it, Cody has to prove to Nick that his success has little to do with his name and everything to do with his drive to succeed.

Two men, both close to having everything they’ve wanted. Will they be able to find the sweet spot between dreams and desire?

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FiveStarsThis book in my opinion is about righting wrongs from the past and getting over insecurities in order to achieve happiness.

I think that Nick puts so much pressure on himself to be perfect that he does not realize that what is perfect is what he already had and gave up, Cody. Also his insecurities in my opinion is the reason that him and his dad do not have the closest relationship. I believe until he starts trusting himself and that he is good enough all the way around on his own then he will be able to have the things that he so wants to achieve and the person he wants to spend it all with.

Cody may be younger then Nick but in a lot of ways he is so much older. He is what I would call an old soul and so he is able to rationalize what needs to happen in order for Nick to become the man that Nick is meant to be. Yes I believe that Cody has some insecurities himself but that is normal because a person cannot be upbeat about everything all the time.

This was a great book and I enjoyed watching Nick grow to be the man he is meant to be and to watch his and Codys relationship blossom to a full bloom. Cannot wAit to read the next book in the series. I am sure it will be just as good as this one


This was a very sweet story.  The two main characters both have fights to overcome, however, they seem to do so with great success.

I think the highlight for me in this story was not necessarily the romance between Cody and Nick, but rather the struggle that Nick goes through to make it in the majors.  He has struggled his entire life to life up to, but outside of the light that is his father’s career.  Growing up with a father who might have the influence to create a career is both humbling and a huge obstacle.  Nick struggles in his own mind to make sure that he’s making it on his very own merit.

Despite that struggle, the romance is my second favorite part of this book.  I love the way that Nick and Cody figure out their relationship.  It’s both new and somewhat juvenile, but in the end, they navigate their careers, their lives and their friends to create an amazing journey.  Cody has some fierce friends who only want what’s best for him and protecting Cody against Nick again is both sweet and how their friendship grows.

While growing together in their relationship – they must face what all couples do – obstacles that test their relationship and commitment.  However, with this story also comes the lesson on trusting themselves, their friends and family too.

It’s a heart warming story that just adds to this series.



I really enjoy this series. It broke my heart in the prologue but then my heart was slowly mended back together. You could feel the connection between Cody and Nick. I can’t imagine how hard it is to go without seeing your partner for weeks and months at a time. I know I hate it when I am out of town for work for a few days! I am glad we got to see characters from previous books, I love them and miss them. I was shocked how something from a previous book came back up from this book, I hope in the next book we see the outcome, I really want justice to be served! Like the other books in the series there was some sappy moments, some moments that made me laugh and cry and of course hot action between the sheets! Can’t wait for the next book!



For the first time in my life, I was walking into work every day as Nick Stone, pitching hopeful for the Mavericks. I wasn’t Marcus Stone’s son. I wasn’t the closeted gay kid in the clubhouse. I was just Nick.

“Thanks. You deserve a lot of the credit for that,” I told him, because it was the truth. He was the one who’d made me see my dad for who he was. He was the one who gave me the strength to quit lying about who I was. He was the one who made me understand what my dad said when he told me life was more than baseball. Today, I was more worried about leaving Cody than I was about my placement in the organization, but I knew that’s how it was supposed to be. Baseball was my job. Cody was what mattered.

“I didn’t do anything,” Cody scoffed.

I leaned over and kissed him softly, cupping my hand around the back of his neck. I pressed my forehead to his as I spoke. “Yeah, you did. Everything I have at the end of today is because of you. You’re the one who’s helped me through. I love you, Cody.”

Those words terrified me. I’d never said them to anyone other than family, but it felt right to tell Cody how I felt about him. It left me exposed and vulnerable, but it was right. I choked up, knowing that I’d do anything to keep Cody looking at me the way he did right then. Stunned. Happy. In love.

“I love you, too.” Cody sighed. “I’ve wanted to tell you for a while now, but I was worried it’d freak you out.”

I hated knowing that he still had traces of lingering doubts. I’d planted those in his head with my actions years ago. I shook my head and swallowed hard as I thought about how to respond. I’d promised him I was through apologizing to him, but that’s exactly what I wanted to do now.

“I don’t want you to feel that way, Cody.” I buried my head against his shoulder. “I never want you to feel like you can’t tell me what you’re thinking. I know why you do it, but that’s only going to make things harder for the next few months.”

“I know,” Cody responded, sounding like a kid who’d just been scolded. “I’m trying, I promise.”

“That’s all either of us can do,” I parroted the words he’d said to me several times since the first night we’d talked. “Someday, it’ll be easier.”

“Yeah, it will be,” he agreed. Cody rubbed his eyes and I could tell he was struggling just as much as I was with my possible early departure. “Look, I just wanted to tell you that before I dropped you off. You know, that you’re doing good. No matter what happens today, remember how far you’ve come.”

“I will.” This was the pep talk I really needed. It was important to me that he understand what was going on and that he was the one who was able to say what I needed to hear. “And I’m going to keep busting my ass so I can get to Milwaukee. I have too much there to stay away for long.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” With one final kiss, Cody straightened in his seat and re-fastened his seat belt.


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Sloan Johnson is a big city girl trapped in a country girl’s life. While she longs for the hustle and bustle of New York City or Las Vegas, she hasn’t yet figured out how to sit on the deck with her morning coffee, watching the deer and wild turkeys in the fields while surrounded by concrete and glass.

When she was three, her parents received their first call from the principal asking them to pick her up from school. Apparently, if you aren’t enrolled, you can’t attend classes, even in Kindergarten. The next week, she was in preschool and started plotting her first story soon after.

Later in life, her parents needed to do something to help their socially awkward, uncoordinated child come out of her shell and figured there was no better place than a bar on Wednesday nights. It’s a good thing they did because this is where she found her love of reading and writing. Who needs socialization when you can sit alone in your bedroom with a good book?

Now, Sloan is a tattooed mom with a mohawk and two kids. She’s been kicked out of the PTA in two school districts and is no longer asked to help with fundraisers because she’s been known to lose herself with a good book and forget she has somewhere to be.


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