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CoverTitle: Prom and Other Hazards
Author Name & Publisher: Jamie Sullivan (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 29, 2016 – 36 pgs


Frankly, prom is a ridiculous concept. People at school treat it like its a test run for a wedding, complete with ‘promposals’. That’s not even mentioning the dresses, which look like Disney vomited tulle and sparkles onto the nearest mannequin. Sam wants nothing to do with it.

Except for the tiny fact that she’s been in love with her best friend Tash since they were ten years old, and Tash dreams of a perfect, romantic prom. Sam had given up hope, until she spotted The Suit in a shop window. Sleek, androgynous, and flat out cool—but also way out of Sam’s price range.

But if she can earn the money for the suit, then surely the suit is all she needs to finally admit how she feels and see they both enjoy the perfect prom.

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This is a really cute, sweet story. It’s mainly pretty fluffy, just a nice little story about a girl finding the right way to ask her best friend out and give her the most magical prom night ever.

Although the premise isn’t anything really new, it’s the writing style which made me love this story. It’s funny and smart and features an excellent main character. Sam is a delightful narrator, and it’s easy to see why the girls like each other so much. They’re a perfect pair.

There’s really no angst or drama to be found. The side characters are fun, even Tash’s “date of convenience,” who ends up being a bit of a surprise. Kieran, the tux shop employee, is a fun replacement for the typical fairy godmother. Even the girls’ classmates are a nice bunch, if a bit idealistic.

If you’re looking for a fun, sweet book that will make you smile and say, “aww,” this is the one for you. Very cute!

5 stars
I enjoyed this sweet story of teenager Sam and her secret love for best friend Tash.  As she makes plans for prom night she is a mix of hope and fear and I felt that along with her. It is well written and kept my attention, as Sam was a likeable character dealing with a universal dilemma. Should she come out to her friend and confess her feelings thus risking their existing friendship? This lovely romance was the perfect way to while away an afternoon, dreaming of happy ever afters.
Kitty Kat
This was quite a fun and sweet short story. We meet Sam, who has loved Tash since she can remember, and Tash, who may or may not have any idea of Sam’s true feelings. What is certain, is that like many young adults, both have a hard time admitting what they feel for the other. Sam knows Tash dreams of a perfectly romantic Prom, and she wants to give Tash exactly what she wants. But more than finding her way to Tash, this story is about Sam finding herself, finding who she is and becoming comfortable with the person she finds. The catalyst is the Suit. Not only does the Suit finally make Sam work towards being with Tash, but it also becomes the way for Sam to finally accept who she is. The result is a story that satisfies.
Amy P


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