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Title: Above the Law (Lone Star Law #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Carsen Taite (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: June 14, 2016 – 264 Pages


DEA Agent Dale Nelson paid the ultimate price for her service when her wife was killed by drug dealers. Now she’s assigned to a task force investigating the suspects and she doesn’t need the distraction of the beautiful but infuriating reporter, Lindsey Ryan. Despite her initial resistance, Dale discovers that Lindsey is as talented and capable as she is attractive. Will she get a second shot at love, or will the peril of her job rob her of the chance at happiness again?

Investigative reporter Lindsey Ryan will do whatever it takes to get the truth. As a favor,she agrees to anchor what is supposed to be a puff piece on the DEA. However, despite the reluctance of the striking Agent Nelson to share any information, Lindsey learns power and politics are at play, and exposing the truth could not only be dangerous, but could jeopardize her chance at love.

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I really enjoyed this well written and totally enthralling novel.  Two strong, yet emotional character very different in outlook and personality. This novel draws you in from the opening chapter.
Along with a complex, fast moving and totally absorbing plot the tension of the growing passion between the two woman pulsates with intensity and ardor.
Right up to the final moments this book will have you hooked. Great and well executed conclusion.
Dale works for the DEA and is still mourning the murder of her wife a year ago. When she is forced to ‘babysit’ Lindsay Ryan , famous TV reporter she’s not too pleased. She needs to keep working on a case involving a drug cartel and, along with some help from her friends, feels she is getting there. This PR job is interfering with that.  I really enjoyed this book. The drugs case involved some of Dale’s friends and their family members and it was a high tension, fascinating story. I loved how the revelations kept coming and connections were made. I wanted to find out more and more. I haven’t read the first book in this series and I felt I was playing catch-up a bit. Once I got it clear in my head and worked out where all of this came from I really go into it.  The highlight for me, though, was the slow-burning relationship and intense attraction between Dale and Lindsay.  Both had been alone for a while and were reluctant to get involved. That didn’t stop me wanting them to just get on with it! Carsen Taite really knows how to write sexual tension and never fails to please. A great read with plenty to pique the reader’s interest.
Kitty Kat
This was an excellent book in so many ways. It’s actually my first book from this author. Taite is definitely talented at the suspenseful thriller. The criminal/lawful aspects of the book were tightly plotted, with excellent pacing, and totally engaging. My problem in this book came from the romance element. Dale and Lindsey had a lot of chemistry that both fought strongly against. Then, all of sudden, both are admitting to deep feelings about the other. Strong enough that both felt comfortable talking about things they didn’t want the other to do. It seemed like there wasn’t  whole lot of ‘get-to-know-you’ or ‘let’s-spend-more-time-with-each-other.’ They simply went from an attraction that they didn’t talk about or admit to, and jumped to a full on desire to be together in a deep, loving way. In other words, it doesn’t seem like an organic progression of the relationship. So while I give kudos for the suspense, I say there needs to be a bit more development for the romance to work. This is book two in this series, and I would definitely pick up the first one, and the next one as well.
Lindsay is a likable, sweet, and caring person that you can’t help but want to succeed. Where Lindsay is open, Dale is closed off and guarded; that makes the couple a natural choice. As things normally go, just when we think they have finally gotten it right, something happens and they go their separate ways. The question is, will it be
for good?

The story of Lindsay and Dale was one that I had a hard time getting into. It took me seeing them together a few times before I really started getting sucked in to their story. I loved the crime investigation aspect of the book and I am sad that we didn’t get to see Lindsay more involved with the group on that.

My biggest gripe is all the loose ends left at the end of the book. I thought that surely ‘The End’ at the end of the book was placed there in error; however, as the book does end there, it must not be. Without spoiling too much, there is an investigation that is going on, which is pretty focused on throughout the book; however, even by the end of the book we don’t know its outcome. We also find out, almost in passing, that there may be a traitor among our group of friends, but I don’t recall finding out the person.

I feel the lack of properly finishing the book really hurt the book in the end. I had really enjoyed the book until that point and the book would have been a 4 or 4.5 stars for me; however, now as a reader I have to wait on the following book and purchase it to see what happens.

Having said that, Lindsay and Dale are great and I am happy to have met them; however, I don’t know if I will keep a look out for the second book or not.



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Carsen Taite’s goal as an author is to spin plot lines as interesting as the cases she encountered in her career as a criminal defense lawyer. She is the award-winning author of a dozen novels and numerous short stories.

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