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Title: Fall
Author Name & Publisher: Michelle Chow (Less Than Three)
Publication Date & Length: April 20, 2016 — 99 pages


Jeremy’s always looked after his little brother, Callum, and it’s his responsibility to make sure he’s safe. When Callum wanders too far into the woods, and finds himself at the mercy of two wolf shifters, Jeremy’s forced to act quickly.

It’s not ideal waking up in a strange house, with two shifters that scare him more than he’ll admit, but it’s temporary. Or it should be, until Jeremy realises getting rid of the wolves is far easier said than done.

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This was a cute story. More of a young adult read than romance, although it had a romantic theme. This is more about opposites attract and learning to just be who you are.


The story flowed well. There wasn’t much if any drama, unless you wanted to count Callum, the younger brother of Jeremy. Towards the end though, Callum explains why he does what he does and it all makes sense and you melt a little for Callum. Jeremy was pretty much in his cat form the whole story (for a very good reason), and his best friend Duke is human. Not being able to converse while Jeremy was in cat form, their conversations at times made me giggle. Sam who is a wolf shifter, was such a young gentleman that my heart tugged for him even before he mentions his family and growing up. I wanted Sam and Jeremy to have their HEA and I wasn’t disappointed.


This was a short simple story of boy meets boy, boy likes boy, boy gets his boy, and they live happily ever after without drama. There were no kissing or physical scenes. The ending (a span of 7 years) was quite rushed and was told in 3 short paragraphs. It did make you smile and giggle though.



This turned out to be a really good short story. It is a definitely a book about opposites attract. And add in the fact that it is about shifters and you have a winner.

Jeremy is a shifter bob cat that follows his parents rules and tries not to rock the boat when they say not to do something. His little brother Callum is the opposite and does whatever he feels like doing which usually lands them both in trouble cause being a good big brother Jeremy will not leave his brother behind or left to get hurt. That is exactly how they meet Thom and Sam.

Thom and Sam are shifter wolfs and Jeremy’s parents have always told the boys to stay away from them because shifter wolves are dangerous. Stay out of the woods because shifter wolves are territorial. But Callum being Callum does not heed the warning and that is where the trouble begins and how all four boys meet. While I guess I should say five boys because Duke (Jeremy’s best friend) meets the wolf shifters because of Callum doing what he was not supposed to do.

This was a very interesting story because it is the perfect example of when a boy likes a boy he picks on said boy to show him he likes him. It is such a cute story and I really enjoyed it. It was very refreshing. For a while I wondered who was going to end up a couple in the end but I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Very good short story.



Fall has an interesting premise and great potential in the beginning. But there were things about the book that turned me off the further I got into it.

I was engaged right away by the unique start to the potential romance between Jeremy and Sam. There were some great moments along the way – some cute, some romantic, some moving.

But the story moved along very slowly, and it was hard to stay interested. Things pick up near the end, but then the actual ending feels very abrupt. I feel like if the first half of the book was condensed and the ending was fleshed out, then this would be a great story.

If you’re looking for a unique paranormal romance you might like this book. As there is no sexual content, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone looking for an erotic romance.



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Michelle lives in Norfolk, UK with her family and four of the world’s fussiest chickens. When she’s not at college, she likes to procrastinate by gaming, writing and indulging in her pet loves: cats, hockey players and awful reality tv.

Her favourite genres are fantasy and sci-fi although she’s not very good at either so, for the most part, she just reads it. Right now, she’s revisiting the wonderfully built world of Redwall which made up a delightful portion of her childhood and finding that it’s just as good as she remembered. She only owns four of those books and she’s a poor student so, if you’re ever down south, you might see her trawling through the charity shops for them. Offer to buy her coffee, she’ll love you forever.


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