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Title: Boyfriend For The Weekend (Boyfriend #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Diana DeRicci (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: August 20, 2015 – 164 pgs


Can pretending to be in love lead to a real forever ever after happiness?

Jayden Sindler is a member of the wedding party for his sister’s wedding and has been warned to bring someone with him to keep the single hunting women at arm’s length. Luck presents itself in the form of Nash Vargas. Invited to accompany Jayden, Nash convinces him to playact as something more believable-boyfriends.

But what happens when acting turns into real affection? And will there be a future after the weekend?

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This was such a good book!  This is not super long book but what you get was perfect!  I can say that I loved Nash and Jayden’s characters. Them together, I could feel how good they are for each other.  You get a little bit of angst with this book which is okay because the sweetness you get from these two more then makes up for it.  Yes Nash is young and at first you feel like he might not be mature enough to handle a relationship like this. By the end of the book I did not feel like that at all anymore, Nash is so mature for his age and you see that has you progress through this book.  The way the author wrote these two characters and this story grabbed me from the start and I could not put it down.  I would definitely recommend this book!



This book started off strong and stayed that way right to the end. The characters were enjoyable and the plot moved at a steady pace, keeping me turning pages to find out what would happen next. The sexual tension between the two main characters, and their constant attempts to ignore it, caused some entertaining moments that left me shaking my head at them. Well developed, beautifully written and a perfect mix of irritating tension, witty humor and snarky comments I would recommend it to any who enjoys M/M romance.



First time reading this author and it was quite enjoyable!

Even though I don’t usually read a story with young-ish characters, the synopsis pulled me and I was pleasantly pleased with the story.

There are some realistic, heartbreaking moments and I wanted to reach into the pages and HUG Nash.
Jay and Nash were sweet and sexy and intense together. The story evolves around a wedding and I love wedding stories!! The author gives us a good mix of happy stuff and real life stuff going on. And the intimacy between Nash and Jay was perfect. I love details!!! Good, smutty details. RAWR

It is To Be Continued….. if the author does write more about this couple, I will read it!!!

Reviewer: Kimberley


Jayden (Jay) and Nash are quite the couple.  I really liked how DeRicci started out with them developing their relationship.
There was some trauma in Nash’s past and I really enjoyed how Jay’s friend, Tim and his partner Bill, who also happens to be Nash’s cousin were so quick to protect Nash.  It seems that Jay is the real player.
I actually really enjoyed how Jay and Nash interacted.  They were shy, but also really sweet.  And, while I was a little flummoxed by Jay’s family reaction, I really, really loved how Jay handled it.
Despite the issues that Nash had, Jay and Nash’s relationship developed in to a true relationship.  I think that because they were allowed to be together in a non-pressured situation, Nash was able to relax more and learn to be OK with himself.
I do wish that at the end of the book there was no longer the insecurities, but we shall see what the next installment brings.
FourStarsI have read many books by this author and although I enjoyed this one it did at times seemed that the characters were almost forcing themselves to feel what the author wanted them to. It did not seem to flow together like her other books I’ve read. However, I did like the story line and can’t wait to read the next installment.  I definitely fell in love with Nash. It was clear that he was very young and the author was able to portray that in the book. I have read other books with young characters but they seem to come across as much older.

I thought the plot of the story was cute.  Taking someone to a wedding for show.  But the idea that they fell in love so quickly not even knowing each other before, was a little too unrealistic, cute, but not realistic.

Nash was abused by his father and needed a lot of self esteem. Jay was trying to help him with that.  That made for a great story. I did love how the author gave you a bit of the future for them and has you wondering what happens next for these guys.

Definitely would like to read the next installment.



I enjoyed reading most of this book. The setting was ideal for a new romance. The two main characters complimented each other, both having different strengths, both coming from different backgrounds, one totally inexperienced the other assured and confident. Together they made a fantastic couple.
The author ensured their growing feelings for each other were believable and the plot kept the reader totally engrossed and in tune with this beautiful love story.
My only criticism was towards the end of the novel. By now the author had established  Nash has having grown in both confidence and self assurance, Jayden had for the first time fallen in love, so why revert  Nash back to such immaturity and Jayden to such insecurity and change, what was a  beautifully written romance to almost an adolescent dating scene?
Like the title suggests, the storys plot is about someone getting a boyfriend for the weekend and that someone was 26 yr old Jayden Sindler. He needed a date to his sister’s wedding to fend off unwanted pursuers and luckily for him, he’s introduced to 19 yr old Nash Vargas, who happened to need a small vacation after getting away from his abusive father.
I loved the idea of the story, in fact, I have a weakness for it. It was obvious that Jay and Nash are gonna end up together, cause come on …ROMANCE. It’s about their journey to getting there.
Nash was sweet, cute and needy. He needed someone to be his knight, but I didn’t feel like it should have been Jay. Jay was nice, but I couldn’t get into him. The author wrote that they’re attracted to each other, but other then stating that they like each others looks, I wasn’t buying it. That was the problem for me. I gave the story 3 stars for that.
Otherwise it was an okay read. If you like angst, sweet moments and good smexy scenes, this may be for you.
I know I started reading with too much excited expectation, so someday I’ll reread this story again. It looks like there will be a second book. I’ll read it.
I have read several books about people pretending to be in a relationship for whatever reason and enjoyed them so I was excited to read this book. At times it seemed rushed and I didn’t feel the connection between the characters. I loved how Jayden stood firm with his family when it came to Nash but I just didn’t feel the chemistry between those two. I wanted too, I really did. I honestly felt more connection with Nash and the guy he met at the wedding reception. The concept was good, but just didn’t work out for me.

I enjoyed this more than I should have.  I know the story has been done before.  I know it was a mess of implausible meeting the improbable – but I really liked both Nash and Jayden.  

On the run from an abusive father, nineteen year old Nash agrees to go with his cousin’s friend to his sister’s wedding in Florida.  Twenty-six year old Jayden promises not to touch the younger man – but they find themselves wildly attracted to each other.

Part tourist advert for Florida and part toothache inducing romance, this is a happy, easy read.  If you like pretty boys in eyeliner and handsome men in tuxedos and you don’t mind a little wedding satin and tule – you’ll probably enjoy this book.  

I caught several references to 80s/90s Julia Roberts romances which is about the speed and depth of this story.  Enjoy it in the bath with a very large glass of wine.  



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Diana DeRicci is the sexy, flirty pen name of Diana Castilleja. A romance author at heart, DeRicci’s writing takes you into a saucier spectrum of sensuality and sexual adventure, where a happily-ever-after is still the key to any story.

Diana lives in Central Texas with her husband, one son and a feisty little Chihuahua named Rascal.


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