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Title: When Dove Cries (Red Wolves Motorcycle Club #3)
Author Name: Beth D. Carter
Publication Date: May 2015


Can two men, who don’t trust each other, protect a woman they both care for?

John Draven is vice president of the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club. While on a special run, he meets FBI Agent Cadence Vanaker again. Cade is the man who killed his cousin five years ago and the person he hates more than anyone. Now John is forced to work with him to take down a human trafficking ring operating in John’s hometown.
Cade wants more than anything to tell Draven he wasn’t the one who really killed his cousin, but he can’t reveal the truth and has to live with Draven’s hate as a result. When the two men find a woman half-dead and bound with zip ties, they both feel a need to protect her—and the need to be her only man.

Dove Aldrin is a sensitive young woman who was abducted and held prisoner. When she escapes, she falls into the path of two men determined to help her and to find the man responsible for treating her so cruelly. What she didn’t count on was falling for both John and Cade. How can she pick one over the other, especially when the two men despise each other?

Reader Advisory: This book contains racial slurs and scenes of anal sex and violence.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

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FiveStarsI love this series, of course I love anything to do with bikers. Each story gets better and better.  I enjoyed how this book really got into depth regarding the kidnapping of all the women.The tension between Cade and Draven was great it added so much to the story instead of being all great between the two men.  I thought Dove was a very strong woman to have survived what she went through and still come out strong.The relationship that developed between the three I thought was amazing. They went through many struggles and still came out stronger and more closer.  But I have to say I was surprised at the twist of who was responsible for the kidnapping.  I am looking forward to reading the next book!!



At first, this book seemed much like the previous two. The girl in trouble who is rescued and falls immediately in love with her saviors, but after about a quarter of the book, things really started to change and the plot got thicker and more interesting.
I really liked watching the way thing evolved between the men who started out hating each other, but caring for the same woman. Once again there were lots of secrets and things unexpected.
The naughty scenes in this book were the best so far in my opinion. They really added in sensuality with emotions and feelings. I could do without the ‘in and out, in and out’ parts as I think ‘thrusting’ or ‘pumping’ gives enough of that.

Dove is such a strong character right from the start.  She escapes this horrible shed, wants to live.  She never gives up.  I love that about her character.
Then you have Cade and Draven.  While their relationship is far more complicated, they start to work together to solve the mystery that is, who is trafficking the women?
The sex between the three of them is scorching and while they are still trying to solve the mystery, both men are so protective.
While I guessed who the “bad guy” was early on, it did not stop me from enjoying the book.  Because I read the previous story, this one just added to the mystery and awesomeness of the series.
I would love to continue to read Carter books!


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I like writing about the very ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, so my heroines will probably never be lawyers, doctors or corporate highrollers. I try to write characters who aren’t cookie cutters and push myself to write complicated situations that I have no idea how to resolve, forcing me to think outside the box. I love writing characters who are real, complex and full of flaws, heroes and heroines who find redemption through love.

I’ve been pretty fortunate in life to experience some amazing things. I’ve lived in France, traveled throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I am a mom to an amazing little boy. I live in Los Angeles, surrounded by friends and family. I hate washing dishes but I love cooking. I hate washing clothes but I love wearing them. Writing my bio is difficult because I never know what to say so I hope you like this one. My favorite color is red but I look best in black (it’s slimming). I hate people who don’t pick up their dog’s crap in public places, people who don’t use turn signals, and I really hate people who are rude and condescending. I especially hate discrimination in all and every form. And although I love holding a book in my hand, I absolutely adore my ereader, whom I’ve named Ruby.


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