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Walk a mile

Title: Walk a Mile (The Sixth Sense #2)
Author Name: Sarah Madison
Publication Date & Length: October 3, 2014 – 240pgs


Six months after starting their hunt for a serial killer who is still at large, FBI agents Jerry Lee Parker and John Flynn are partners in every sense. But Jerry has serious doubts about their relationship and whether they would even be together if not for the way Flynn changed after touching a mysterious artifact in a museum.

Flynn hates the extraordinary power bestowed on him by the artifact and wants nothing more than to have a normal life again. Jerry fears that without the unusual connection they forged, Flynn will no longer want or need him. Chasing after a similar artifact takes them back to Flynn’s old stomping grounds in Washington D.C., where his newfound abilities uncover long-buried secrets, the kind people would kill to protect. But they aren’t the only ones looking for these powerful relics, and what they discover will threaten their relationship—and their lives.

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This book was such a awesome add to this series!

I will admit I was not a fan of parts of the first book so I was unsure coming into this one and let’s just say this book blew me out of the water it was just so good! I thought what happened to Jerry and Flynn in this book was so funny had me laughing so much and then there were also parts that were harder too. You get your misunderstandings and angst on top of all the action, sprinkled with mystery, which I loved all of it together.
You get to see so much more of them as a couple and you also meet a lot of new characters too.
Then the end omg it was so I can’t even say without giving it away just wow! The author really grabbed me with this story and I loved the whole pretense of this book and the characters.

All together I really loved this book!

I would definitely recommend this book!

This is the second book in the Sixth Sense series and it leaves you hanging just as much as the first one, but in a totally different way.  Madison again, resolved some things, but left gaping holes in others.  I am unsure whether or not I am more frustrated or excited about what that means.
In this book, we get to see very different aspects of Flynn and Jerry.  Not only will they have to relearn what they believe to be true about themselves, but they will have to deal with hidden aspects of each other.  I really enjoyed how when they were searching for answers, we got to see a different side of Flynn.
However, Flynn also frustrated me beyond belief in this story.  I wanted to hit him upside the head with how he was making Jerry feel about their relationship – communication is not their strong suit.  I felt the struggle – the emotion that Jerry was going through – what I wish was that I was able to feel more of what Flynn was feeling.
Despite Flynn’s friends  and their less than stellar introduction, it was nice to see some of Flynn’s background.
I can’t wait to see what happens next – and I hope, with all of my fingers and toes crossed that things are resolved.

I really enjoyed this book which is the 2nd in the “Sixth Sense” series but I did have problems with it. The story begin six months after “Unspeakable Words.” This book continued with the rocky plot ideas that the first book started. Aside from all that the book did have mystery and suspense which is something I thoroughly enjoy from a book. The authors writing style was easy to read and that is what kept me interested in the book. This wasn’t a cliffhanger but it’s clear that more stories are coming and I can’t wait to read the next installment.



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Jerry returned his attention to the tableau unfolding in the aisle. Flynn was making his way casually toward Jerry; he yawned, taking his time. 15-A hesitated; Jerry could see that he had stepped into the aisle, but was thinking of sitting back down again. Just then, the door to the toilet opened and the toddler came out into the aisle. Picking up on the air of tension, the child immediately started to wail.

15-A snapped like a wire stretched beyond its tensile strength. Whipping off his sunglasses, he reached into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out a glass vial. Holding it up high over his head for everyone to see, he shouted, “Everybody stay where you are!”

People glanced up and turned around in their seats, startled and immediately alarmed. 15-A looked around sharply, making sure that no one was trying to rush him. Several people had started halfway up out of their seats to see what was going on; Jerry knew they were remembering United Flight 93.

15-a moved his hand in a broad semi-circle so that everyone could see the vial tucked in his palm. “I have Sarin!” he announced. “If anyone moves, I break the vial. Someone make that child shut up!”


Sarah Madison is a veterinarian with a big dog, an even bigger horse, too many cats, and a very patient boyfriend. She is a terrible cook, and concedes that her life would be easier if Purina made People Chow. She writes because it is cheaper than therapy.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sarah-Madison-Author/106445646104338
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Author’s GoodRead Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4057853.Sarah_Madison
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