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Title: Operation Stop Hate (The Operation #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Jessie Chandler (Train Wreck XPress)
Publication Date & Length: March 15, 2015 – 330 pgs


Special Agent Cailin McKenna and her National Protection and Investigation Unit partners are drawn into case that started with a pair of school shootings in Minneapolis. They soon learn that a hate group is recruiting teenagers on school grounds, handing out metal music rife with violent messages, plotting a terrorist offensive on a major Twin Cities venue.

The case gets personal when the stabbing of Cailin’s brother is linked. To complicate matters, Cailin’s fiery new relationship is threatened by the return of a psycho stalker ex-girlfriend hell-bent on getting Cailin back.

Cailin soon finds herself in a fight for her life. And the clock is ticking–can she prevail in time to stop the worst terror attack that has ever threatened Minnesota?

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 Cailin works for part of Homeland Security and is called into the second school shooting in as many weeks.  She knows the shooter as a kid she tried to help get off the streets.  The case becomes more complicated and tension-filled as strange coincidences appear and things don’t go the way we expect.  I liked to story very much and found myself gripped and wanting to read on and on.  There was great depth to it and more and more revelations that showed the writer’s skills off to the max.  The twists and turns kept me wanting more and I felt myself rushing to get it finished as I was so keen to find out what happened next.
The relationships Cailin had were deep and true and I loved how well she and Alex fitted together.  I never doubted for a minute that they were suited for each other.  Her extended  family and work colleagues were not mere add-ons but really contributed fully to the story.  One relationship I did not like and could not understand was that with Eli.  I’m afraid that whole sub-story didn’t do it for me at all.  Without giving too much away, I felt the situation was so unrealistically dealt with and infuriated me.  No law enforcement officer would put up with such a scenario!
The last part of the book was fast-paced and very exciting.  The whole white power story and its conclusion was brilliantly told.
I really enjoyed reading this book and has the Eli story not been so annoying I would have given it an even higher score.

Kitty Kat


This was a good read with some unexpected plot twists that really surprised me. I’d say the only problem I had, was that I didn’t get a ramp up of tension near the climax. Maybe it’s just because the writing was fluid so it just seemed to flow along. But a lot of times I get so into the book that at those points I have to fight myself not to skip sentences because the tension is so great that I need to find out what happens RIGHT NOW. That type of tension seemed to me to be missing in this book. It didn’t affect my enjoyment, however. I liked the characters, and I liked the plot. The story did keep me interested, although there was so much about what happened previously in New Jersey that now I want to go back and read that story. Oh wait. This is book 1. Okay, Jessie, you made the meeting of Alex and Cailin sound too good to miss. Go back and write that story too!

I enjoyed this book, and would definitely be interested in picking up book 2.

~Amy P.


I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderfully entertaining and compelling book.

Although dark at times the author maintained your attention through authenticity and an obligation to keep the story line realistic. To augment the darkness was the love felt between the main character and her partner.
The character’s the painted appeared genuine and believable obviously because of the skill of their author. Their conversations were at times both pragmatic and provocative as much as they were at times entertaining and humorous.
I found the way the author brought together all the different strands and complexities of the plot made the ending both as surprising and fulfilling as it was unpredictable.
An excellent novel, well written and totally absorbing, very contemporary and politically aware, dealing with a range of controversial subjects in a convincing and credible manner. A novel I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is looking for an up to date and plausible mystery that’s been written in such a scintillating and lucid style.



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Jessie Chandler is a board member at large of the midwest chapter of Mystery Writer’s of America. She was the Vice President of the Twin Cities chapter of Sisters in Crime for a number of years, and belongs to the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis. In her spare time, Chandler sells unique, artsy T-shirts and other assorted trinkets to unsuspecting conference and festival goers. She is a former 911 dispatcher and police officer and resides in Minneapolis. Visit her online at JessieChandler.com.


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