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Title: Live and Love Again
Author Name & Publisher: Jan Gayle (Bold Strokes Books )
Publication Date & Length:    January 19th 2016- 240 pages


Even after three years, Sarah Jarret struggles every day with the death of her long-time partner. Her tough exterior and extreme independence has made her almost completely isolate herself, but Sarah may finally be beginning to get herself back together. Her small custom furniture building business is showing real potential and forcing her out of her comfort zone. And Jessica Whitney, a beautiful and successful Chicago architect, just walked into her life. Jessica and Sarah are immediately attracted to each other, and they fall fast and hard, but Sarah’s guilt and pride may push Jessica away and keep Sarah from opening up to the possibility of new love.

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A fun, enjoyable and addictive read.
This book stood out because of its brilliantly portrayed characters. Both woman were professional business women, both had reached where they wanted to be careers wise, they were both mature and they were both had very credible personalities. I particularly admired the way the author gave both women histories that reflected the way they conducted their lives, ambitions and insecurities at the time the novel occurred.
The way the women handled their blossoming relationship in their own individual way was imaginatively portrayed. It entailed coming to terms with lots of emotional baggage for one, while the other had to surmount being able to commit emotionally for the first time in her life.
I thought the ending was not only positive, giving the reader a real feel good factor but quite creative. The conclusion allowed the reader scope to define the way the couples relationship might proceed.
Ms Gayle has produced an excellent read, one that I thoroughly recommend.
Sarah meets Jessica as they are boarding a flight to Chicago. By the end of the flight Jess is inviting Sarah to stay with her whilst in town. Their relationship starts very quickly and is ultra steamy. Sarah is still getting over the death of her wife three years previously and is unsure whether she should take a leap of faith and keep seeing Jessica. Jess is completely smitten and wants to take things further. Will they, won’t they?
I enjoyed this book and certainly enjoyed finding out how the relationship would pan out. It’s a quick romantic read with enough angst and turmoil to keep the reader interested. I liked Sarah, ex-military and now a talented furniture maker and artist. She was a complex character with a lot to sort out in her head before she could truly commit to a future with Jess. Sometimes I felt impatient with her though as she seemed to be intent on making things harder for herself. Jessica, a brilliant architect with great wealth, didn’t have the same hang-ups but there were things from her past that she also had to work out. She was a delightful character though and I so wanted Sarah to see that and go with it! I loved Jimmy, Jessica’s chauffeur and greatest fan. He made us see what a lovely person Jessica was. His devotion to her was evident and I could see why he held her in such high esteem.
I would be interested to read more of Jan Gayle’s work and hope that she might take Sarah and Jessica’s story further.
Kitty Kat
 FourStarsThis was a nice romance. It explores the story of two women, one who has never loved before and one who has loved and lost, and is still trying to recover from that loss. Both women feel the attraction and chemistry between them, and both decided there was nothing wrong with having a little fun. Like things do, however, things change slowly, and without them noticing, and before either one knows it, they have to confront the fact that they feel more than they ever expected to. This isn’t much of a problem for Jessica, but it causes a lot of guilt for Sarah, and forces her to confront her unresolved feelings about the death of her wife. The story follows the two as they try to push past the things holding them back from each other.

The story was engaging, and makes you hope the two characters are able to resolve their feelings for each other. All in all, a nice romantic story.

Amy P.


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Jan Gayle was raised in a small farming community in central Illinois. Upon graduating from college with a B.S. in social studies education, Jan joined the U.S. Air Force. She later accepted a commission and served for twenty years as an Air Force officer. As a new lieutenant, she deployed to Desert Storm. She returned to the Middle East for another deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom fourteen years later. While on active duty, Jan visited over forty countries and was assigned to locations all over the United States. She continues to work for the Air Force as a civil servant, but her true passion is her small woodworking business where she builds custom wood furniture. Jan lives with her wife Jules and their two boys. She started writing on a dare and was immediately hooked. Live and Love Again is Jan’s debut novel.

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