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Title: Stealing Sunshine
Author Name & Publisher: Tina Michele (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: January 19th 2016 – 240 pages


In the heart of the Sunshine State, beyond the mouse ears and magic, is a city growing with art and culture. However, in a dark room grows a plot of greed, deception, and revenge twenty years in the making.

Belle Winters has made a successful life and career in art. Although she’s never known a real family, she dreams of having her own someday, unfortunately not with the carefree Tara Hicks.

Tara keeps herself in constant motion, from job to job and from woman to woman—a technique she has perfected to avoid the mundane grooves of life, love, and obligation. Belle moves her unlike any woman she’s ever met, but is that enough?

Belle and Tara struggle to break down the walls that protect their hearts, while the unforeseen consequences of a promise threaten not only priceless art but human lives.

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I loved this book. Some books you like for the prose some for what you learn from them etc., this book just made me fell happy!
A beautifully told love story with two dynamic but very different lead characters. A great setting, which the author has obviously researched well, and a wonderful and interesting story line.
This book is just one of those little diamonds that make you feel alive and that love really is all that matters.  A really polished and feel good book.
Tara and Belle’s eyes meet across a crowded room at an art gallery event and the air sizzles with electricity. Both think the other is with someone else though. Tara is a rich girl railing against her upbringing and working as a bartender. Belle sees her again at the bar but again thinks she is interested in someone else. Will they ever get together?
When Tara finds out Belle works at the museum she applied for a security job there and hopes to catch more than a glance of her. They end up involved in some very dangerous situations as a gang tries to rob the gallery.
I enjoyed the book but it did take me a few chapters to get into it. I found the baddie just irritating and not that engrossing but by the end this had changed. The relationship story was good and full of angst and will they/won’t they dilemmas. I loved Belle as she was beautiful and sweet but ultra passionate. Tara was complex and full of contradictions. She needed to take that final leap! The love scenes were well written and extremely effective.
An enjoyable romantic read with a bit of suspense thrown in.
Kitty Kat
 FourStarsThis book piqued my interest from the start – the glimpse of a woman across the room that you just can’t look away from, and yet the two don’t meet. And it happens again! Belle spoke to me with her shy introverted ways and passion for art. Tara seemed to be a bit of a player, flitting from job to job just like she moved from woman to woman. But Belle gets under her skin, and no matter how much she tells herself that being with Belle is trouble, she can’t seem to stay away. I love stories about how two people seem to be wrong for each other, and yet love gives them no choice. There is something about the other person that just draws them in and won’t let them go. Add in all the excitement of an art heist happening while the two can’t seem to keep away from each other and things heat up quickly. I like that Belle tried to step out of her comfort zone. And I like that Tara didn’t just change overnight. She struggled with how easy things seemed to feel. This was an entertaining story and very enjoyable as well.
Amy P.


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Tina Michele is a Florida girl living on the banks of the Indian River Lagoon in the biggest small town on the Space Coast. She enjoys all the benefits of living in the Sunshine State. During the day, she pretends to do what they pay her for but really spends most of that time daydreaming and plotting some wild adventure. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her BA in interdisciplinary studies—the most liberal of the liberal arts degrees—majoring in fine art and writing with a minor in women’s studies. To say she is motivated by her Right brain is a major understatement. Afflicted with self-diagnosed Sagittarian Attention Deficit Disorder, she spends a lot of time starting projects that she may, possibly, one day, probably finish. When she isn’t writing, playing, drawing, painting, or creating something of some sort, she feeds and waters the three dogs that are permanently tethered to her hindquarters.


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