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Title: Starstruck
Author Name & Publisher: Lesley Davis (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: January 19, 2016 – 240 pgs


Actress Cassidy “C.J.” Hayes is famous for her role in The Alchemidens, a fantasy show where she plays a kick-ass heroine. Her rising success has brought her quickly under Hollywood’s glaring spotlight. It also gained her the unwelcome attentions of an obsessive fan who wants more than just an autograph. Aiden Darrow is both a well-respected screenwriter and a writer of lesbian romances. As a big fan of actress C.J. Hayes, Aiden is astounded when the woman of her dreams ends up moving into the house next door to her. Their attraction is undeniable, but Cassidy is understandably nervous about getting too close to anyone. Aiden, meanwhile, is trying to separate reality from fiction because Cassidy is nothing like the character she portrays so well. All through her childhood, Aiden dreamed of a hero to come rescue her, but can she be the hero that Cassidy so desperately needs now?

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This is an absolutely blistering book. One of the best books I have read in ages. It was quirky, it made me laugh and above all when I finished reading it – it left me feeling really good.
A book that it is hard to put down, I kept on thinking one more chapter, but one was never enough. The leading ladies are both really likeable with strong characters but most important was their individual streaks of vulnerability, making them both very believable. The author presents the book almost like a fairy tale but for adults. Lovely comparisons, between good and evil, brave swashbuckling heroines and courtly adventures.There is the comic best friends, the down trodden policeman and the very evil protagonist.  However when called for the tension is palatable. The growing bond between the two women is beautifully portrayed, with deep emotion and sensitivity.
The author  holds your attention throughout the book and keeps a fine balance between, humour and romance and unease and trepidation in a spell binding way. A truly gem of a book which I can thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for a well written book that is unique and compelling. I can’t wait to read more from this excellent author.
Cassidy is a hot Sci-fi super hero actress and moves next door to lesfic writer and sci-fi geek Aiden. Cassidy is in hiding of sorts, in order to escape from a mad stalker. Aiden has been a big fan of Cassidy for years but falls hard for the real person and not the TV character. Cassidy is equally smitten by Aiden who it transpires has a huge fan base of her own. Her novels are a huge hit with Cassidy’s co-star and friend Mischa who is a brilliant character and so full of life and mischief. She was my favourite character in the book. She was funny, fun and her family were a great addition to the whole tale.
The stalker story gives some threat to the story and makes the relationship between the two women even closer. He was always in the background, his presence malevolent and creepy. The steamy scenes were really well written and their growing closeness felt authentic. I also enjoyed the sci-fi convention description. Having attended a few myself I can attest that Lesley Davis got it spot on, from the Cosplay attendees, to the star talks and the entire feeling of such an event.

I enjoyed the book. It was a light read and really quite fun.
Kitty Kat

This story kept my interest throughout and made me keep turning pages. The story between Cassidy and Aiden is sweet, and reading about them falling in love was a treasure. At the same time, Cassidy is facing some serious problems with the police unable to catch her stalker, and that makes for some tense scenes. I loved Aiden’s geeky quirks and Cassidy seemed the perfect geek dream come true. But it was also interesting that Aiden differentiated so easily between Cassidy and the role she plays, after a bit of initial confusion. That was important for both of them. I got just as frustrated as they did that the police seemed ineffective at stopping the stalker, even though they knew exactly who he was. It was disorienting to hear what his thoughts were and compare those to the notes he actually left Cassidy, and it shows how out of touch with reality he really was.

The conclusion was tense and gripping and exciting, and just a bit scary as well. I’m glad the two found each other. Definitely a good read.

Amy P.


This book started out a little shaky, the first three chapters left me wondering what to expect from the rest of the book. Thankfully it leveled out and the remainder of the work kept me flipping pages, interested to see what would happen next. The characters were well developed and had realistic interactions (and reactions) to situations and each other. The plot was deep, twisted and totally creepy in the best way possible!


I couldn’t wait to see what kind of mess the two MCs would end up in as the story progressed and I wasn’t disappointed! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good edge of your seat type plot with a romance chaser. Well done!



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Lesley Davis lives in the West Midlands of England. She is a die-hard sci-fi/fantasy fan in all its forms and an extremely passionate gamer.


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