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Title: Uninvited Guest
Author Name & Publisher: Brian Lancaster (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 13, 2015 – 200 pgs


Fate is conspiring against lawyer Anton Swann. First his grandmother dies, then he hits the worst traffic of his life on the way home from her funeral, keeping him from friends in London—and possibly a much longed-for sighting of his ex. And finally the detour he thought would save him time ends with the electrics failing on his car, leaving Anton to trudge through heavy rain back to an old cottage he’d passed along the way, hoping to find help.

What he finds instead is the mysterious Dr. Stephen Miller, a man fighting his own battles. Anton is invited inside to join the tail end of an all-male dinner party, but this is no chance encounter. What Anton thought was fate is actually a spirit at work making sure he ends up at the cottage—and stays there until unfinished business is resolved for both Anton and Stephen.

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After reading the first few pages I discovered the author is from England and I expected to find a lot of English slang and other words that would cause me to not understand this book. Thankfully that was not the case. I was able to completely understand the words and slang used.

The book started out slow and, I hate to say it, but, a bit boring. Starting chapter 4 it picked up and became much more enjoyable.

I loved how the group instantly accepted Anton and just drew him in. The camaraderie between Anton and the group was so great and instant. I loved it. Stephen comes across broody and gruff, but once they get to know each other it’s like turning this grizzly bear into a teddy bear. Very sweet.

I also love the way the author paints a picture of the English countryside. For us here in America it’s wonderful to read and to picture in our minds and actually transports us to that very countryside.

I expected to see more of the spectre. The description of the book led me to believe that he was an important part of the story. This appears not to be the case. He’s only mentioned a handful of times. I was disappointed about this, but it was okay. The stars of the book is Anton and Stephen.

If you want a good m/m English romance that takes place in the English countryside then this is the book for you. It’s a wonderful, sweet, romantic story. It will transport you to the English countryside where you will have lunch in a pub with a hike afterwards (don’t forget your Wellington boots) then later sitting in front of the fire drinking tea. I do recommend this book.



Loved this book from the start!

So with this book you get Anton who is a lawyer and has just gotten out of a relationship which is was hurt by the other man in. He is on his way home from his grandma’s funeral when he has a accident in his car which leads him to finding a cottage in the woods.

Stephen is the owner of this cottage and has lost someone he loved which makes him a bit standoffish with people around him.

This book was a slow burn but the way it worked out in this book was perfect! You also get sweet with this book along with some steam too!

I really loved the way this author wrote these characters and there were a few moments were I was on the edge of my seat hoping for the best for these two men because they really deserved each other and you could feel by the way this author wrote this story how good they were together. So I will leave this review with I really loved this book! I would recommend this book!



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Brian Lancaster once believed that writing gay romantic fiction would be easy and cathartic. He also believed in Santa Claus and the Jolly Green Giant. At least he still has fantasies about those two. Born in the rural South of England in a town with its own clock tower and cricket pitch, he moved to Hong Kong in 1998. Life went from calm and curious to fast and furious. On the upside, the people he has since met provide inspiration for a whole new cast of characters in his stories. He also has his long-term, long-suffering partner and two cats to keep him grounded.

After winning two short story competitions in 2006 and being published in a compendium, he decided to dive into writing full-length novels. Diving proved to be easy; the challenge has been in treading water and trying to remain afloat.

Cynical enough to be classed a curable romantic, he is not seeking an antidote. When not working or writing, he enjoys acting in community theater productions, composing music, hosting pub quizzes, and any socializing that involves Chardonnay. And for the record, he would like to remind all those self-righteous white wine drinkers that White Burgundy, Chablis, and Champagne are still essentially Chardonnays.


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