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Title: The Right Kind Of Woman
Author Name & Publisher: Voss Porter (Dark Hollows Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 10th 2015- 239 pages


Just when free-spirited farm girl Cara Spencer Holloway feels the regulatory world of her closeted, Southern enclave will swallow her whole, her three miscreant brothers team up to carelessly throw her together with regimented, Northern software designer Dre Martin, who is on a misguided stop en route to Florida. One steamy stop leads to another and soon the two women will learn more about what the right kind of partner can bring to life than they had ever suspected. But can Cara Spencer move forward and out of the pain of her past, or will she succumb to the doubts that have plagued her romantic life from its very inception?

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Andrea (Dre) lives in the most lesbian area of America, tries her best to be a ‘good lesbian’ but feels she is not as committed to the right-on cause as some of her friends and neighbours. She needs a change and decides to visit her dad in Florida, where he has settled with his new family. Enroute she stops off in a small town in South Carolina and sets eyes on a goddesss – Marilyn Monroe, Daisy Duke and Scarlett O’Hara rolled into one!
I absolutely loved this story. It was a beautiful, angst-ridden love story as Cara, the object of her desires was still firmly in the closet. Being gay in the South was not so easy and Cara had spent her whole life hiding who she was from family and the townfolk. To break away from that mindset and feel free to love Dre was never going to be easy. I liked Dre as she started off seemingly not knowing what she wanted but I felt in the end she had grown as a character. Cara just sounded wonderful. An amazingly wild and beautiful creature who just needed to be true to herself. Her brothers and granny were wonderfully observed characters too. They were so important to the story and were so well described that I felt I knew them. Dre’s pals back home Tris and Sam were funny and so real. We all know a couple like that. This was a very sexy tale, amazingly well-written. You could not come away from it without feeling the heat come off the page. I loved it and would be keen to find out more about these characters. There’s plenty life left in their story I think.

Kitty Kat


The thing I loved about this book was Cara’s family. A family every lesbian would love to be a part of! Ms Porter portrays these family members with such interesting, humorous and loving characters that they were a joy to read about.
I did find some of the settings difficult to imagine, going to church three times a day, but this book is so well written I soon learned to accept it all.
Cara coming to terms with her lesbianism was explained in such a way everyone could relate too her feelings and doubts. Ms Porter used, dreams, fears, anxiety, love and hope in  a way that we have all experienced and can understand, sympathize and equate with.
I really enjoyed this novel and can thoroughly recommend it. I look forward to reading more books by this interesting author.


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I am a lesbian romance novelist seeking to better the world through stories of lasting relationships that develop between two strong and independent women! Please check back often for updates, funny stories, a behind-the-scenes look at everything that is involved in publishing a novel!

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