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Title: Speaking of Dreams
Author Name & Publisher: Stephen Osborne (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 23, 2015 – 200 pgs


When it’s meant to be, it’s useless to fight it.

Four years ago a drowning accident brutally ripped Jason out of artist Frank Hunter’s life. As he celebrates his forty-fifth birthday with his friends, Frank knows his dating life is over. A chance meeting with Donny Rodriquez, however, shakes Frank’s world to its core. Donny is twenty years Frank’s junior, but so full of life and vitality that Frank knows he has to paint the young man. Donny agrees, although he makes his romantic interest in Frank plain. Frank does his best to put Jason and the past behind him, but the memory of his late lover won’t let him go.

Yet Donny sparks something in Frank, and after several disastrous dates with men his own age, Frank ends up back with Donny. Donny soon learns that to win Frank’s heart, he must not only bridge the age gap but find a way to enable Frank to let go of the past.

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This was a story about Frank who is forty five and lost his partner Jason four years ago. He is having a hard time moving on and has not dated since Jason died. Then he decides maybe he should date and that is when he meets Danny at the bar. Well Danny is a lot younger then him so he does not want to go there with the age gap but once he really starts spending time with Danny he can’t keep back his feelings anymore. Danny has also had a painful relationship with a man who was very controlling of him.
This book was so sweet mixed in with humor because some of the things Frank would say or think were just so funny and had me laughing, then there were the sad parts with Frank’s memories of Jason and Danny telling what happened in his previous relationship.
I have found that I honestly love when there is a age gap anymore in a romance book. There is just something about a older mature man who can find someone younger but also very mature and build a relationship with him.
This book showed Frank trying to move past his pain of losing Jason. I thought the way the author portrayed what he was going through and his feelings was very good. I was definitely drawn into this book as soon as I started it and I could not put it down.
You also meet all of Frank and Danny’s friends in this book which I have to say I loved these characters! Now I definitely want to know what is going on with a certain two..
All together I really loved this book!
I would recommend this book!



I have many mm romance interests and one of them is the older man/ younger man theme. I don’t know, but I just like it for some reason. I love reading about how the people around them reacts and how their love was strong enough to overcome not only them being a male couple, but also having a big age difference.
Frank, poor, sweet Frank is the older man in this story. He’s 45 and 4 years ago, the love of his life was taken from him. He’s lonely and thinks he’ll be forever alone, but then he meets Donny, who is 20 years younger. I loved that they had such a big age gap but Frank wasn’t like 80 or something. 45 v.s 25 is something I can work with.
I loved reading how Donny burrowed his way into Frank’s heart and how Frank became a slightly different and more open. Of course the plot comes up with Frank’s inability to believe that someone like Donny can want him with him being way older and such, but of course, love overcomes all. Well in my chosen books anyway.I’m not a “Bittersweet Romance/No Happy Ending” kind of gal. lol Donny won’t give up and is greatly rewarded with his most desired prize…Frank, of course.
Love the cover BTW.


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I first fell in love at the age of 9. Her name was Alexandra Moltke, and she played Victoria Winters on the soap opera Dark Shadows. Yes, I was one of those kids who ran home from school to watch Barnabas and the other spooky people on that show. I obviously never lost my love for the macabre, and it turns up often in my writing.
I graduated from Purdue University and went on to manage a pizza restaurant. I also worked in bookstores for many years, and I joined an improvisational comedy troupe and did that for nearly a decade. I now work in a food packaging plant, testing the product before it goes onto the lines…so I basically bake brownies for a living. Someone has to do it.
Even though I write about ghosts, zombie bulldogs, and impulsive college students, some of my real life seeps into my writing every now and then. I’m not saying which bits, but there’s a scene in a bedroom in Pop Goes the Weasel which still brings back painful memories…

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