5 and 4 Stars for Saving Grace by Alex Gryffon #FF #Paranormal @silverflame920


Title: Saving Grace
Author Name: Alex Gryffon
Publication Date & Length: February 18, 2014 – 144pgs


“Wanting to spend time with my long-lost twin. Together we’re more powerful than anyone who ever lived. More powerful than the people before us and we’ll be more powerful than anyone who comes after us. Join us and be a part of something wonderful, something great.”
“And to do that I must become what? Evil?” Grace yelled, breaking the intimate link.
“Not evil. Darkness doesn’t always mean evil and bad, just as light doesn’t always translate into goodness. You can be more powerful!” Amethyst threw out her arms, power crackling at her fingertips.
“What if I don’t want to be Dark? If I don’t join you?” Amethyst’s eyes darkened and Grace felt more power build up in Amethyst. Yet, deep in her mind she wasn’t scared – she felt almost certain Amethyst wouldn’t hurt her.
“That, my sister, would be a mistake.”



This book is a great read. It pulls you in and keeps you. Although it is a stand alone it leaves you wanting more.
I was hooked from the first page and fell in love with Grace and Sarah almost immediately.
The chemistry between them is amazing and very well written. Its not a book you will want to put down.
I highly recommend this for anyone looking for ya f/f or paranormal



This is by far the most, entertaining, engrossing and exciting book I have read in a long time.
The story evolves around two teenage girls as they approach their 17th birthdays. It is an extraordinary magical love story. The magic begins when Grace moves in next door to Sarah, the pastors daughter, both girls are instantly attracted to each other and their love slowly and gently develops. Along the way they have to deal with, jealousy and bigotry, however, nothing can dent their growing feeling and love for each other.
As the story develop it becomes obvious that Grace has magical powers. These powers are introduced into the novel in such a natural way that Grace’s powers seem perfectly normal and in no way unbelievable to the reader.
The story draws to a conclusion at Grace’s 17th birthday reunion with her family and Sarah, when Grace’s full magical powers are finally revealed. At this point I can only urge you to buy this book and find out just why this book is entitled “Saving Grace.”
This is such a wonderfully refreshing book I can only hope that Ms Gryffon has a sequel at her obviously magical finger tips!!!


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I’ve been writing for quite a few years now – it has always been a passion of mine. Not too long ago, I met (via web) an author who turned my world upside down with his fantastic novels. He then proceeded to show me how to self-publish my books.

My first published work: Stranded: Gauturan, I started writing when I was in either my sophomore or junior year of high school that features me and my closest three friends. That story was the kick-off to my writing and self-publishing books that I have a passion for. I have the help of my wonderful partner Kejsi Miller and a web of friends who give me love and support for all the works of fiction I write.

I write fiction, fantasy and LGTB romance novels (or rather just the L) – some longer than others and some more involved in others. Writing is my world and it’s a world I love to write about. I’ve loved books since I was a little kid and my passion for reading has only grown – deepening the well of books I have yet to read and the list grows with each day. I’ve had the pleasure to talk with some authors who have inspired me and I wish to inspire others to not only read, but to write as well. The world can always use a creative mind to send us to another world.



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