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Title: Negotiating Love (Sin Cit Uniforms #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Morticia Knight (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date: October 27, 2015


Can the kinky billionaire owner of Dark Fantasy Resort Casino capture the heart of a muscled SWAT officer with a secret fetish?

SWAT Team Hostage Negotiator, Steve, wonders why he can’t stay away from the spoiled rich Allistair, owner of Dark Fantasy Resort Casino. They have mutual kinks – ones Steve can’t find with other lovers—but there’s something else about the emotionally detached, beautiful man that calls to him.

Billionaire Allistair stays alone in his luxury penthouse apartment at the top of Dark Fantasy, terrified of the real world and of opening himself up to genuine emotions. He takes lover after lover, all of them allowing him to do whatever he wants to their bodies, in the hopes that they can scam something from him.

One night is all he ever shares with a plaything—he knows they only want the money and luxury he can offer them and nothing more. But the down to earth Steve is different. They share the same kinks and are explosive when together. But could the muscled law officer ever want more than the lust-filled encounters that have become such an addiction?

As they grow closer, they discover they also have to find a balance between Steve’s everyday world and Allistair’s entitled world before they can truly find an ever after. They also have to make sure Allistair stays safe. Filthy rich playboys are too tempting to those who seek the ultimate payday—and who aren’t afraid of hurting someone to get it.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of BDSM and fetishism.

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I loved this story.  I felt that it was honest, raw at times and one that just really felt complete.

You have Steve, who is kick ass at his job, then you have Allistair who is still figuring out who he can trust and who he can’t.  Both are looking for more than just one night stands.  Throw in to the mix, Steve’s sexy kink and Allistair’s desire to find love with Steve, you get an explosive match with very hot sex.  I love how you get to see both sides to the story – perspectives on life and love from each character.  Their ability to read each other and compromise was great too.  It shows a real relationship.

Then you have the safety concern that plagues Allistair – with money comes death threats, but you don’t expect those threats from those you trust most.

I love how protective each character is over each other.  You can see the genuine love and compassion that flow between them.  Plus, you get to see a glimpse of the other characters from previous stories, which I loved.

Overall, I loved this story!


 FourStarsOkay while I really liked this book I want to be honest with what I felt while reading this..
Allistair I was on the fence with his character because there were some parts he came of to me at least as being so needy and honestly I really did not get the DOM feeling from him a lot. There were times where he did fit in that role but other times he just I don’t know sis not come off as a strong character at all and it felt like most of the time Steve was taking care of him and not the other way around.
Now that did bring it down a little for me but I still ended up really liking this book! I did like them as a couple and the connection they have to one another. Now for there Dom/Sub relationship I just had a harder time wrapping my head around them together like that only because it felt like maybe the roles should have been reversed. Steve was such a strong character.. Yes he has his moments were he needs to be held and taken care of but he would make sure he was always there for Allistair.
Don’t get me wrong Allistair was there for Steve too. But something did not feel right for me to see them in a Dom/Sub relationship.
Now lets not forget the steam in this book because those scenes were off the charts hot but you also get your action in this book too.So although there were a few things I had a harder time wrapping my head around I still liked this book!

It was gratifying to Allistair to see how completely Steve had given himself over to the entire experience. He was so far gone from reality that Allistair was sure if he was asked what his name was he wouldn’t have an answer right away. Allistair thrust his tongue in Steve’s mouth the moment he removed the clamps. He kissed him through the agony as the blood rushed back to his nipples. Steve cried into the kiss, but answered back with his lips and tongue.

They stayed joined, Steve’s sounds changing to ones of pleasure. Allistair reached behind them and worked the knots free. It was the standard ones he used—he could do it in his sleep. Steve gasped as his arms went limp at his sides. Allistair continued the kiss even as he massaged and loosened Steve’s muscles. When he was confident that Steve was relaxed, he nibbled and licked his way down Steve’s body, pausing only to lap up the generous amount of pre-cum trailing down Steve’s throbbing shaft.

After setting Steve’s ankles free from the bar, he massaged his calves then back up his magnificent thighs. He ran his fingers along Steve’s legs, unable to stop himself from rubbing his cheek along the silky hairs covering the soft skin. Steve was his own personal Greek god, and all he wanted to do was worship him.

He rose to his feet then extended his hand. “We’re not done yet.”

Steve’s pupils were fully dilated and his features held a glazed-over expression.


Allistair led Steve to the satin covered mattress then directed him to lie on his back. As soon as Steve was lying down, his eyes drifted closed. Allistair reached under the bed where he’d stashed two more lengths of medium gauge silk rope. Steve’s body was so pliant he was able to easily manipulate him, drawing first one knee up then tying the leg to his corresponding arm before repeating it on the other side.

Once he was finished, Steve was completely restrained as well as fully exposed to him, his ass available for him to freely fuck. Steve would be unable to reach for him or move either his arms or legs. He would have no choice but to surrender his body to Allistair’s will.


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M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after. They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers – but they’re all searching for the one (or two!) who was meant only for them.

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on more installments of Sin City Uniforms and The Hampton Road Club, as well as the follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey’s story from Rockin’ the Alternative.

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