5 and 4 Stars for Destiny’s Passion (Fated Date Agency #8) by Abraham Steele #MM #Paranormal


Title: Destiny’s Passion (Fated Date Agency #8)
Author Name: Abraham Steele
Publication Date & Length: December 1, 2015 – 27 pgs


Stefan Nichols never doubted that he would end up with his fated mate. The cheerful young omega always knew the Fated Date Agency would match him with the perfect man for him. He’s even saved his innocence for his future alpha. When Stefan writes to the agency, he’s quickly matched to the first crush he ever had. Everything is perfect. Except…

Langford Segal is less than enthusiastic when he replies to Stefan’s emails. The alpha doctor was already in a relationship when the dating agency opened. His marriage is based in pragmatism, and it’s failing a little more with every rude comment his human wife makes. Things could only be better if Langford was with Stefan. But he made his vows, and he’s a man of his word… no matter how bewitched he is by Stefan’s omega charms.

Will Langford’s fated mate tempt him away from his marriage? And if he does, will his wife let him go without a fight?

Destiny’s Passion is Book 8 of the Fated Date Agency series. It may also stand alone as a complete 200-page steamy gay shifter romance novel with male pregnancy.

Guaranteed HEA ending with no cheating and no cliffhangers!

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Warning this is a MPEG novel and I wanted to put a warning for those who like it and those who do not.. I loved the way the author handled it in this book! Also this can be read as a stand alone. This couple just like the others in previous books in this series is different and you don’t see the previous couples in this book so you will not be lost if you read this without reading the other books first.

Stefan has saved himself for his mate. He has just graduated collage and has been contacted by the fated mate agency with his mate’s email. Well there is just one big problem his mate is already married to a woman!
Langford is a doctor at the hospital Stefan will be working at and he is also a Alpha wolf shifter. He is married but his marriage his not good at the point when Stefan contacts him.

Now I was nervous reading this book due to the fact that Langford is already married when he meets Stefan but I thought the way this author handled this was very good and I felt like it was handled perfectly.

I loved the way this author wrote these characters and this story!
You get your angst due to the wife Langford is separated and divorcing and the ex father in law who causes problems but you also get so much steam between these two men which was very hot!!!

All together I really loved this story and would recommend this book!



Stefan is an Omega who has waited to find his fated mate until after graduating college.  He knows what he wants – a good job and his mate.  His family is so supportive and I love his mom and sister.  They are helpful and loving, stern and awesome.
When Stefan gathers the courage to contact the agency, he finds out that not does he know his fated mate, but his mate doesn’t want to meet him because he’s already married to a woman.  Talk about a swift kick to the self-esteem and heart.  I love how Stefan’s sister does not allow him to wallow – she tells him to fight for his mate.  His mom has a more diplomatic outlook, but eventually also says that he might need to nudge his mate.
Langford is older than Stefan and used to babysit his fated mate.  Who knew the world could be so small?!  Despite the shock of having been contacted by his fated mate, Langford is determined to stick to his vows.  He and Nanci are married, they work together and her father is his boss.  There are so many different things that could go wrong – plus, to Langford, his vows mean that he needs to try to make his marriage work – the marriage that he no longer really belongs in.
I think the most difficult part of this story, for me, was that Langford was bound and determined to stick to his guns, until he wasn’t.  Steele showed the reader exactly the kind of connection that Stefan and Langford share – it’s steamy, hot and yummy.  Despite Langford’s naivety, I think that Steele was able to redeem that aspect.
I do wish that more came of the angst that both Nanci and her father posed.  I found that their issues were swept up too quickly and they weren’t drawn out enough for me – but, overall, I enjoyed their treatment throughout the story.
This was a great story but I wish that there had been more shifter aspects to the story.  You catch snippets, but nothing was every truly discussed.


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