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Title: All of the Voices (Southern Spirits #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: September 8, 2015  – 90 pgs


The body might be reluctant, but there’s more than one spirit willing to step in and keep two stubborn men from walking away from each other forever…

Deputy Matt Nixon has had a rough time of it lately. He’s put up with the spirit of his boss’s dead lover, been stabbed, and had his fledgling interest in another man cruelly flung back in his face. His only close friend is an elderly woman who gets her kicks from calling in false prowler reports then greeting the responding deputies with a lewd proposition and little clothes.

When he finds her dead, Matt grieves for the old woman so many people snickered at—and he fumes at the idea of her snooty nephew from New York who never bothered to visit her. Matt is going to give Carlin Douglas a piece of his mind if he does show up.

Carlin Douglas hates the small town of McKinton, Texas. The only other time he’d been there was years ago when Zeke Mathers was almost killed in a gay bashing. Now Carlin has obligations that keep him tied to New York, but he doesn’t mind.

Until he clashes with Deputy Matt Nixon, a man who seems determined to hate him. But McKinton is a different place, and there’s always a spirit or two lingering, just waiting for an opportunity…Or meddle.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a stand alone title.

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Matt is a deputy who work’s for Laine.  In book #2 he was attacked and still has fear of the motel it happened at.  He has not come out to the town yet so he tried to keep it hidden from the everyone.
Carlin is a lawyer in New York who left town when Zeke was attacked for being gay because he feared being killed if it was discovered he is too.  He comes back after his aunt dies but everyone is upset at him because he never visited her which he really does have a reason behind not being able to come back.
You get all the ghosts with this one and can I say Conner is my favorite now.  There is very low angst in this book, but there is so many hot and sweet scenes in this book that it more then makes up for it.
This book is my favorite of the series so far and I loved these two MC’s.
I really loved this book!  I would definitely recommend it!
This book was about Deputy Matt and Carlin, the nephew of one of the town’s lonely widow but friend to Matt. I kind of felt bad for Matt, he needed a relationship, he was lonely.  Carlin wasn’t one of my favorites to start. He was cocky.  But I did love the way he changed after getting to know Matt. I thought as a couple they were good for each other.

The writing is fantastic in these books. I love how the characters are introduced for the next book and the previous characters all are included in each book. This time all the ghosts visit.  This series of books are just fun to read.



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