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Title: Whirlwind Romance
Author Name & Publisher: Kris Bryant (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: February 16th 2016- 240 pages


For the past six seasons, Tristan Stark has been chasing storms throughout the Midwest for the University of Oklahoma. Teaching during the winters and hitting the road during the spring, Tristan has little time for herself, let alone time to have a solid relationship. Rival storm chaser Kate Brighten is just starting out and winds up riding along with Tristan for two weeks. It doesn’t take long for the two to begin a tumultuous love affair on the road. But the road can’t last forever and Kate isn’t everything she seems. Once trust is broken, it’s difficult to rebuild. Can Tristan accept Kate’s secrets? Or will their love be washed away in the spring storms?

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I really loved this book. I wasn’t sure of the setting at first but Ms Bryant descriptions were written with such passion and colourful detail that you could feel the tension and the excitement along with the characters as a storm approached. The desolation and loss after a storm were also so well told that you could feel real emotions and empathy with the characters.
The characters themselves were three very different women and Ms Walsh gave them such powerful, believable and life like qualities that you felt you could actually understand and know them. Each woman was very different individuals and this brought great  depth to an already exciting and well written novel.
There were sexual encounters that added spice to the novel and enough variety of secondary characters that this novel just went full steam ahead from start to finish. Ms Bryant is an accomplished novelist and I can thoroughly recommend this scintillating novel.


Tris and Hunter are storm-chasers and each spring go out on the road chasing after tornadoes and recording data for their academic work.  They meet a rival crew from another university and end up taking Kate with them when her partner has to leave due to a family emergency.  Tris and Kate are hugely attracted to each other but both seem to be holding back.  Tris has trust issues stemming from a past relationship and Kate is an enigma.  She is reserved and reluctant to open up.  The descriptions of their work, following tornadoes around the midwest was fascinating and I enjoyed finding out about the subject.  I found the first person present tense a bit awkward at times though and I felt it took me a bit longer to get into the book because of it.  Once I was engrossed in the story I didn’t notice quite so much but I felt I didn’t get to know Kate as much as I would have liked because everything was from Tris’s point of view.
The story of their relationship was great and full of ups and downs.  It certainly kept my interest.  The steamy scenes were exceptionally well written and plentiful.  The intensity of their relationship came through in the writing.  I enjoyed the story a lot and by the end I was hooked.
Kitty Kat


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Kris Bryant grew up a military brat living in several different countries before her family settled down in the Midwest when she was twelve. Books were her only form of entertainment overseas, and she read anything and everything within her reach. Reading eventually turned into writing when she decided she didn’t like the way some of the novels ended and wanted to give the characters she fell in love with the ending she thought they so deserved. Earning a B.A. in English from the University of Missouri, Kris focused more on poetry, and after some encouragement from her girlfriend, decided to tackle her own book. Jolt is her first novel. In her spare time, Kris enjoys travelling, hiking, photography, spending time with her Westie pup, Molly, and hanging out with her family.


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