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Title: Real World (Bend or Break #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Amy Jo Cousins (Samhain Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 17, 2015 – 175 pgs


When talking fails, it’s time to break out the big guns.

Five years ago, Tom Worthington busted his ass to overcome the fear and paranoia that led him to withdraw from the world and nearly lose his boyfriend. He never thought he’d find himself right back there, shutting Reese out, keeping secrets again.

Reese Anders is ready to try anything to get Tom to talk: if he can’t seduce his boyfriend with food, he’ll get Tom to open up in bed. But even Tom’s confession that his dad is getting out of prison soon doesn’t clear the air between them. And as the holidays approach, intensive mentoring from a new British boss creates more distractions, until Reese is keeping secrets of his own.

At a company Christmas party, it only takes Tom one look at Reese’s new boss to figure out how much danger their relationship is in. But he’s not about to let the connection that started all those years ago at Carlisle come to an end. It’s time to deal with their problems like adults. Face to face. Or back to front. Starting in the bedroom.

Warning: This book contains two adorable guys with way too many secrets, conciliatory rigatoni, a bedroom lesson on the power of multitasking, and indisputable evidence on what makes the perfect holiday HEA.

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This book was so sweet and beautiful seeing the love between these two me!
Tom and Reese are a couple and they are having problems due to Tom’s lack of communication on what is going on with him. Reese is upset by the way Tom will not talk to him and is not sure about their relationship.
I was really rooting for these two MC’s hoping everything would work out all right for them because you could feel the love between these two men and how right they are together. There were some scary moments when I was unsure of what would happen that had me holding my breath. There was also a part in the bar that I was not a fan of a little bit but all together I really thought this author did a amazing job with Reese and Tom’s story! You all also see a lot of characters from the previous books in this series too. So with this book you get some angst and a whole lot of sweet and steam too.
All together I really loved this book!
I would recommend this book!


 FourandHalfStarsI love Amy Jo Cousins and absolutely love her writing style. In this story we begin with an established couple and they begin to have the same problems as they had before in “Off Campus”.  I loved Tom and Reese in the first book and fell in love with them again in this story.  I loved how Ms. Cousins take a couple still struggling and give them a HEA, but working through their problems is definitely creating a strain on their relationship. It was great to see that they came out on top. Great job!!


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Amy Jo Cousins lives in Chicago, where she writes contemporary romance, tweets more than she ought, and sometimes runs way too far. She loves her boy and the Cubs, who taught her that being awesome doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with winning.


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