5 and 4.5 Stars for Prescription for Love (Rivers Family Romance #2) by Radclyffe


Title: Prescription for Love (Rivers Family Romance #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Radclyffe (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: November 10, 2015 – 240 pgs


Flannery Rivers is content to let her sister Harper carry on the family dynasty—at The Rivers hospital w here they both work and on the home front. Now that Harper is settled and soon to be happily married, Flannery can ease back into her life of casual flirtations and find all the excitement she needs in the ER. She’s even got her next playmate all lined up, or so she thinks.
Abigail Remy is a city girl who accepts a position at the imperiled country hospital in the hope of finding a stable, safe community for her teenaged daughter who just announced she’s a he. Unfortunately, when she arrives to work, she discovers the current ER Chief is less than happy to be replaced by a fresh-out-of-residency new comer. Add unexpected attraction to the incendiary mix of city and county, fire and ice, tradition and change—and the prescription is combustible.

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This is the first Radclyffe novel I have read and having heard good things I had high hopes. I was not disappointed.
Abby, single mum to trans teen Blake, is the new E.R. chief at a country hospital, far from her previous life in New York. She hoped moving somewhere new would give Blake a better chance of being accepted. Her college friend, Presley is the boss and has a fiancée working there too as well as her sister Flann. This ready-made ‘family’ is exactly what Abby and Blake need.
As they get used to life in the country Blake makes friends with Margie, Flann’s sister and Abby and Flann become increasingly attracted to each other. Circumstances bring them together more and more and a few hot kisses promise more. Their relationship develops so slowly, teasingly and is ever so tantalising .
The story is great and the auxiliary characters add much to the plot. I hope this goes much further in the future as I want to read more about these people. Radclyffe certainly knows how to tease the reader and can write steaming hot scenes that will leave you aching for more.
An enjoyable read overall with enough there to develop into further novels.

Kitty Kat


Truly there isn’t much not to like about this book, the second volume in her Rivers Family series. Interestingly enough, this is only the second book of Radclyffe’s that I’ve read. All the many books before the two books in this series I listened to on audio. When I read the first book in this series, I wondered if I just liked listening to her books more, but this book changed my mind about that. I found I was easily able to slip into the world created, and became very involved with the characters.

The one thing I had a problem with in this book is that both characters seem to change their minds about a relationship with no struggle or thought. And truthfully, I may not have had a problem with it if it were a different author penning the words. But it just seems right to hold Radclyffe to a higher standard. The way both characters were so adamant about not giving in to their attraction to each other. Flynn didn’t want to settle down and she knew Abigail was the type of girl who wanted to settle down. Abigail knew Flynn was looking for easy, disposable fun and she had too much going on in her life to lose her heart to someone she didn’t think was going to stay. But suddenly, without any real crisis of conscience or catalyst to change their minds, both are giving in to their feelings. I’m not really expecting something life shattering to change their minds, but it just seemed like it happened too easily without taking into account what each was fighting against in the first place. Flynn just decided she was in all the way, and it felt kind of abrupt. And Abigail never had any trepidation about whether or not Flynn will end up leaving her once she gave in to her feelings. I suppose one of the reasons I’m stuck on that is that Radclyffe has written many characters who are conflicted about what they want, or what they think they deserve, and done it extremely well. For some reason this one felt like she avoided it a bit.

I did love reading about Blake, and the way he was introduced into the story was well done, and very organic. I loved Margie and her relationship with him. I wish everybody could have a Margie in their life. I hope to read more about them in the future, as well as other supporting characters, like Glenn and Carrie.

Overall, though, this was a wonderful story, and a great addition to an interesting new series. I love the small town feeling of this series, and as always, remain interested in reading the medical problems that these doctors have to deal with. Definitely recommended.

Amy P.


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Radclyffe, a retired surgeon and full time author-publisher, has published over thirty-five novels as well as dozens of short stories, has edited numerous anthologies, and, writing as L.L. Raand, has authored a paranormal romance series, The Midnight Hunters. She is a seven time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance, mystery and erotica–winning in both romance (Distant Shores, Silent Thunder) and erotica (Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments edited with Stacia Seaman and In Deep Waters 2: Cruising the Strip written with Karin Kallmaker). A member of the Saints and Sinners Literary Hall of Fame, she is also a 2010 RWA/FF&P Prism Award Winner for Secrets in the Stone, an Independent Publisher’s award winner (IPPY), an Alice B. Readers’ award Winner, and a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin award, the ForeWord Review Book of the Year award, and the 2010 Heart of Excellence Readers’ Choice award. She is also the president of Bold Strokes Books, one of the world’s largest independent LGBT publishing companies.

She states, “I began reading lesbian fiction at the age of twelve when I found a copy of Ann Bannon’s Beebo Brinker. That book and others like it convinced me that I was not alone, that there were other women who felt like I did. Our literature provides support and validation and very often, a lifeline, for members of our community throughout the world. I am proud and honored to be able to publish the many fine authors at Bold Strokes Books and to contribute in some small way to the words that the celebrate LGBTQ experience.”

Radclyffe lives with her partner, Lee, in New York state.


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