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Title: Caleb & Shaun (Storming Love: Wild Fire #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Devon Rhodes (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 27, 2015 – 47 pgs


Sometimes saying goodbye can end up saving a relationship.

Breaking up with Caleb was the hardest thing Shaun had ever done. It left a huge hole in his home and in his heart. But feeling like he was constantly competing with Caleb’s adrenaline-rush hobbies pushed him to make a stand…one he constantly second-guesses, especially now that Caleb’s gone with his Hot Shots team for a big fire in California.

Caleb knows he’s a lucky man. His family supports him and he’s able to do what he loves for both work and play. It took losing Shaun, though, for him to realize that his priorities were out of whack. And now his luck might be running out as his crew gets trapped by a fast-moving fire line.

All they really need is a second chance…if Caleb can stay alive long enough to make it home.

This book is the fourth book released in the Storming Love: Wild Fire collection, all by different authors and related by setting only. This is a stand-alone book.

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  So let me start of this review by telling you that I 100% loved this novella.
I love second chance romances and this one was done perfectly. You could feel the love between these two MC’s even though they were apart and how hurt they were by not being together.
Caleb is a adrenaline junkie to the point were he was constantly putting himself at risk and breaking plans with Shaun. Well Shaun eventually gets tired of it and I really don’t blame him. Sometimes breaking up and having to face a life without the person you love will really show you what you are losing.
I thought this book was sweet but not too sweet. The way they come back together had me on the edge of my seat hoping everything would work out happily ever after for them.
So all together I loved this novella! I would definitely recommend this book!



Devon Rhodes what more can you says. This book took a different turn then the others and I loved that. The others were new loves but this was an old love. I loved how the author brought Caleb and Shaun back together. It was quite clear that Caleb & Shaun still loved each other, which was something the author excelled at bringing to the forefront of the story. Great job!!



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