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Title: Aftermath (Southern Spirits #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: September 15, 2015 – 110 pgs


Darren Brown spent two years running from his past, but he could only run so far before he was found.

Darren Brown lost the only two people he loved just days apart. His mother first, then his best friend. Guilt over his friend’s death drives Darren to wander for over a year before he winds up in the town of McKinton, Texas.

Lee Bausch served his tour in the Army then started his quest to find answers only one person could give him—except that one person had moved away. It takes him almost two years to find Darren Brown, and it turns out Darren doesn’t have the answers Lee needs—he is what Lee needs. Darren is shy and so sexy Lee can’t get enough of him, but he still needs answers because he can’t shake the feeling someone he loved was murdered.

After a terrifying experience at the motel, Darren knows he has to tell Lee about the spirits in McKinton. And there’s one spirit, scared and alone, who has the answers Lee seeks, if only the spirit knew how to tell Lee his suspicions are right.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a stand alone title.

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Okay I now have a new favorite character in this series and it is Ian.
The way he came into town looking for Darren and was so protective of him from the start. You could definitely feel the sparks between these two.  Ian is looking for Darren so he can find out what happened to his brother and when you do find out it was so sad what happened to Stefan.  Darren’s character I liked a lot too.  He was sweet but caring and the beginning reserved because he was so afraid of being hurt.
Together they try to find out what happened with a little help from beyond.  As the time goes on they grow closer together and there is steam in this book also.  You also get to see a lot of the characters from past books which I loved! Have to say I love Connor the ghost too in this series.  All the pranks he plays are just too funny.
All together I loved this book!
I would definitely recommend this book!
I loved this book, all the books in the series have been good but something about this story just got to me. I love the rooster that’s been in the last couple books, just adds some humor to the story.

Darren was lost emotionally but Virginia took him under her wing and looked out for him.  Lee came to town looking for Darren he was Stefan’s  brother who was Darren’s friend.

I thought Darren and Lee falling for each other was sweet.  They made a perfect couple and fight well with each other. I love how they worked together to find what happened to Stefan.

The ending was fantastic, just like all the books so far the story gets wrapped up beautifully.  Such a wonderful series, I definitely recommend it.



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