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Title: Times of Our Lives
Author Name & Publisher: Jane Waterton (Yiva Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 15, 2015 – 266 pgs


“Growing old is not for Sissies…”
Set against the backdrop of OWL Haven, Australia’s first exclusively lesbian retirement community, an irreverent cast of residents share their lives, hopes and dreams together.
At 65, Meg Sullivan is very clear about what and who she wants in life. Despite a string of lovers Meg’s first loyalty has always been to her best friend, Allie Richards. After reading about OWL Haven in a magazine, she knows the lesbian retirement village would be perfect for them both.
Allie Richards has shared the best part of her life with Meg. For over forty years they’ve traveled the world, and love and trust each other completely. Moving to OWL is perfect, as a new group of friends join their comfortable circle of two.
After her last relationship ended, Sparrow Hopkins was left with a broken heart. Quietly resigned to being alone for the rest of her life Sparrow discovers a feisty, vibrant group of women who are not afraid to take chances. Despite her promise to never fall in love again, life, as she is to find out, has other plans.
Pat and Bella have been together for nearly fifty years. To them OWL represents the secure and loving community they rarely experienced in the homophobic Sydney of the 60’s. But life is never simple, and safety is sometimes elusive as they face their own personal challenges.
Daphne Williams has always been a loner. Despite her preconceptions of retirement villages she discovers peace and happiness at OWL Haven. However, when her tightly controlled world goes into freefall, Daphne has to make a major decision. Does she keep control or open up a new world of joy and hope.
Through laughter, tears, and joy these woman prove that no matter what your age, you’re never too old to fall in love.

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Owl’s Haven is a retirement village for lesbians in Australia. It is the home to an assortment of wonderful older ladies, each with amazing stories to tell. Meg and Allie have been friends for over 40 years and have supported each through various love affairs. They are so close and so perfect for each other but can’t see it or admit to it. Daphne, ex-army and a bit of a loner begins a tentative friendship with Sparrow. Pat and Bella have been together for
45 years and are now facing the most difficult battle of their lives.
I loved this book as it gave an insight into the lives of older lesbians and the struggles they have faced to be accepted. The author told the stories of these ladies in a thoughtful and beautiful way. It was quite upsetting to think of it all but the book also gave a hopeful vision of what it can and should be like.
The cameraderie between the characters was wonderful and very funny attimes . Their individual stories were fun to read and sometimes sad, sometimes upsetting but ultimately uplifting . A great read and thoroughly recommended.

Kitty Kat


Quite a unique book telling the tale of a group of retired lesbians living in a secluded environment. There was certainly no shortage of different characters, humorous, serious, deep, a whole spectrum of lesbian humanity lived here.
The novel narrated the tale of a selection of these characters in a pleasant and very readable way. The back drop of their living arrangement was a wonderful concept and the author narrated their lives in a very coherent way.
However I found myself unable to bond with any of the many characters and found the whole situation rather too idyllic. All those lesbians living in the same area and no discord, a little unlikely, to my mind. I did love the idea it promoted and if such a place exists it would certainly get my vote.
I would have like a little more credibility and drama. However it was a pleasant book and at times very humorous, the scene with the Tupperware and the chicken was hilarious and had me laughing out loud.


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As a daughter of a bookseller, Jane’s love of books was actively encouraged from a very early age. In her early twenties she wrote poetry and song lyrics, but at the age of 45, after a very funny lunch with friends, an idea germinated for her first full length novel.
Although originally from Sydney, Jane has for the past six years, lived and worked in a small remote town in the red desert region of Western Australia with her partner and fur family. Here she dreams of eventually retiring to the coast and writing full time. (from the publisher’s website)


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