5 and 3.5 Stars for Christmas Wishes by Shaye Evans #MM #Holiday


Title: Christmas Wishes
Author Name & Publisher: Shaye Evans (Kiss and Tell Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: December 9, 2015 – 87 pgs


This life is new to Harper…
When you’re rejected from home, where do you go?

With a graze on his cheek, the answer was simple—to the hospital. But little did Harper realize that his trip to the Emergency Room would set in motion for his Christmas wishes to come true.

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This was a sweet Christmas story about Harper who ends up needing to go to the emergency room after coming out to his dad. When he is in the emergency room he sees someone from his past who he had a crush on but never realized he was bi.

I honestly felt so bad for Harper after what his dad does and having everyone abandon him. So when he finds something special with someone he never thought he would have with I was so happy for him.

I loved the way this author wrote this story and these characters! You do get so much sweet with this story which made this a really good holiday story!



This story is about rekindling old friendships from youth and discovering first love. Both Harper and Cash are reeling from the rejection of their Fathers. Cash has been able to accept his sexuality because he has had the support of his Mother from a young age. Harper however, has to deal with a Father who blames him for the death of his Mother/wife. I’m a little confused with this part of the book. I’m not sure if the Father is so distraught with the loss of his wife that he blames Harper for not praying enough, or if the Father suspects early on that Harper is gay and blames Harper’s sexuality for her death. Cash’s mom Fay is able to step in and provide some support for Harper when he needs it.

I enjoyed the end of the book, because it touched on the kid in all of us. We all want to believe that wishes do come true. I felt like there may be a sequel to Harper and Cash’s love story in the future. Maybe from Cash’s POV.


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Shaye Evans is a proud Australian author of the M/M Romance genre. She prides herself in not only writing the genre but also reading it. As an author and supporter to the LGBT community, Shaye wishes to inspire anyone who reads her books and hope they help in whatever insignificant or significant way.

At age nineteen, Shaye found her love in the genre when she read her first M/M and was instantly hooked, but it took her an entire year to begin writing her own. She has had five of nine short stories accepted to be published in 2014 alone. Something she is very proud to admit—and who wouldn’t be?

When not writing or plotting her next piece, Shaye keeps busy by either reading one of over four-hundred books in her collection, designing her next book cover, or shopping. She one day dreams of being a paramedic and her books making it to the movies!


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